Rocky Patel Ocean Club

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Rocky Patel Ocean Club


Man, and you guys thought I reviewed too many Pete Johnson creations! How about the Rocky Patel kick I’ve been on? Up to bat this Memorial Day weekend is the Rocky Patel Ocean Club. Those of you who follow my exploits over at My Daily Cigar, you got a preview of the Ocean Club while I was vacationing in Philadelphia the past week.

The Rocky Patel Ocean Club is a Holts Cigar Company exclusive so you will have to visit their website, give them a call or visit one of their retail locations to purchase.

Video runs 10:30 and I really have no idea why its called the Ocean Club…maybe its something to smoke while you’re sitting on your yacht that was featured in Cigar Aficionado? LOL…I’m joking of course…I have a bit of professional jealousy of Cigar Aficionado’s deep pockets and unfettered access. What I do know is that while the Rocky Patel Ocean Club isn’t very memorable and doesn’t win any Great Torpedo Accolades its still a solid medium bodied cigar with a flavor profile that the occasional three day weekend crowd and Rocky Patel fans will approve of.


8 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Ocean Club

  1. You first post whore..LOL

    Great review! I was hoping you would do a full review on this and now I might have to pick some up! I see they finally added the 5 packs to the site, but the 6X60’s are WAY overpriced IMHO!!! 5 for $51 just seems to much for this smoke with the way you described it. I might grab a 5 pack of Toro’s sometime to give a try.


    Damn, $51 for 5 60’s – thats just too Maybe they ARE going for the yacht crowd 😉

  2. Jerry,

    Cigar looks good but 7 bucks for a cigar that damages easily? I would say RP rushed this one thus the reason for the cosmetic blunders. I will hopefully try this one and give it a review as well. As always brother “Great Review!”


  3. Nice review Jerry. I love the color of the band. It’s really eye catching. I wonder why Rocky or any manufacturer give exclusives to certain retailers. Do they want to create a sense of urgency or is the retailer willing to pay a premium for exclusivity?

  4. Nice review. Sounds like I’m too rough on my cigars to enjoy this one.
    Keep up the great work.

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