Camacho Connecticut (First Impressions)

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Camacho Connecticut (First Impressions)

A few days ago I was involved in a twitter conversation with several cigar smokers. One of them, Jerry, mentioned that he was lucky enough to be in Drapers when their order of Camacho Connecticuts came in. He later posted a video on My Daily Cigar about the stick, which made alot of people eager to check it out. A couple of days later came his enthusiastic review here on Stogie Review.

After seeing Jerry give it the thumbs up, I was looking forward to checking it out for myself. I just so happened to bump into my Camacho Cigars rep one day. He was in my local shop taking an order for the new stick and was kind enough to give me a sample.

With a single stick in hand, I made plans to record a First Impressions review for my personal blog. After posting it, I saw a couple of people on Twitter mention that it should also be posted on Stogie Review. Jerry felt the same way and made mention that it would help balance out the review (my experience was a little different).

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19 thoughts on “Camacho Connecticut (First Impressions)

  1. I had a Camacho Connecticut in the Toro size yesterday and I have to say that I side more with your review than Jerry’s. I think you’ll find more to like in a different size, but like you, the first half of this cigar did not hold my interest. Flavors and body picked up in the second half and I started to enjoy it much more. Finally finished the toro in just over two hours. Maybe Jerry raised our expectations a little too high?

  2. Walt,
    I tend to agree more with you on this stick. I had the same vitola as you and mine opened up around the half way mark, I think a different size will make a big difference. In this size it is not the wow stick that Jerry describes, but I can see it being added to my rotation. I will have to hunt down the smaller sizes to give it another try.

  3. Hmmm…shot down by Bud and Little Bud…thats the great thing about SR…multiple views of a cigar. A “wow” cigar for me isn’t a “wow” for others and thats okay.

    I guess it comes down to whose palate you identify more with. If you identify with Walt’s palate you may not like the Camacho Connecticut. If you identify with mine, you probably will like it.

    Guess we need Brian Hewitt to review it as a tie breaker.

  4. I haven’t been able to get these yet, but the polarity of Walt and Jerry’s reviews makes me want to try it even more. I identify with both of your palate’s. I love full bodied powerhouse cigars, but sometimes a good mild cigar is just as enjoyable.

    As soon as I get some, you can expect a review from at least me (and hopefully Ed). Good times. Thanks for both reviews!

  5. I hate to be a buzz kill, but enough with this one already, lets see something different.

    I love you guys but you tend to bead the proverbial dead horse here with every cigar. I personally like more variety, I have no qualms with the content other than the cigar selection. (Short Ashes Excluded of course, the reason it exists is to re-visit an ole fav)

    with love guys not hate….

  6. Great review as usual! This is what I really like about SR, honesty. You don’t say it’s great because Jerry did, you give an honest review on what you think about it, and you do say it’s the only one you’ve smoked so you really need to try more.
    Oh yes, one more thing….Great looking shirt!! LOL

  7. I agree with Rich M and f-stop. Enough is enough, about the milder cigars.

    And as far as Jerry’s comment about it being the “leader” of the Camacho cigars line, I think its more than tobacco he’s smoking.

  8. Rich,
    Perhaps you could elaborate a little bit more. We “beat the proverbial dead horse” in regards to cigars? I’ve spent the last couple of minutes scrolling through pages of reviews and I’m not seeing any duplicates (except this one).

    I also thought I made it clear that this content was made specifically for my personal blog but was requested here to help balance out Jerry’s review. In addition, the reviews are very different from one another.

    Perhaps I just don’t understand what you are trying to say. If you have a suggestion to make our selections better, then by all means speak up.

    Not trying to be a smart-ass or anything, I just don’t understand where you are coming from.


  9. Who knew me not editing a review for today would lead to this…

    Anyway, I thought it was important for us to publish this review. I didn’t want people going out and buying the Camacho Connecticut based on my word alone and thought it was important to get another opinion.

    Also, I’m not sure where you’re coming from Rich? Reviewing the same cigar isn’t something we normally do. In fact if Walt or Brian beats me to something, its a good six months before any of us touch it again. I thought this was a good idea to balance my review. If anything, we get asked continually to review the same cigar to provide balance.

    Justin – I never said it was the “leader” of the Camacho cigars line. I said it was the leader in its “body”. Meaning out of the mild bodied cigars, it sets itself a part from the pack and is the leader. Man…talk about being misquoted. LOL

  10. Awesome review, Walt. I like how both you and Jerry reviewed the same cigar. Gives two different sides. Interesting way to review. I don’t personally care if you review mild, medium or full cigars. Its all good to me. Oh, and soon as find them, I’m going to try them myself.

  11. I think a new release by a prestigous cigar maker like Camacho warrants the two reviews. Thank you both. I’m a fan of the Oliva Connecticut Reserve so I look forward to trying this stick. Any review, no matter how redundant , most welcome by me.

  12. Jerry,
    I think that you had a great idea in posting both videos. It was definitely interesting to see the two different perspectives on this one.

    I think your review of the MX3 was spot on, its a killer cigar. After feeling the same way about that cigar as you did, I really expected to fall in love with this one.


  13. Hey Barry, at least you’ll get hate comments LOL.. I’m lucky if I get comments at all over here. I liked Walt’s review very much, but I gotta get my hands on one to try shortly.

  14. Jerry,
    I wasn’t totally disagreeing with you. I liked it more then Walt appears too, I just don’t think that it was stellar. I’m going to try a different sizes because I believe it is going to make a difference in how I feel about this stick. If the first half of the cigar I had tasted like the second half I would have agreed more with you.

  15. Great review!!! I like that both you and Jerry reviewed the same cigar. It was interesting to see the differences between your reviews!!

  16. Walt and Jerry,
    I had another one of these in the monarca size. All I can say is what a difference. I though it was great, definitely one of the better Connecticut wrapped cigars that I have had. The local B&M owner tells me not to write off the 11/18 size, as the one he gave me was from the rep and that might have something to do with the way it smoked.

  17. I am a Mild/ Mild-Med kinda guy. I live for creamy woody. I am no expert, but as with wine, i know what i like. I don’t mind a slow start but geeesss Walt was right. Slow start and never really brought home the flavor. BUT there was plenty of bite and harshness if you i didn’t really really nurse this stick. I was very disapponited for a $7 cigar . . not worth a second look for me

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