Esencia 2008 (Short Ashes)

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Esencia 2008 (Short Ashes)

A little while back Jerry, Brian, and I were fortunate enough to get some Esencia samples in the mail. None of us had the opportunity to try them in Las Vegas during IPCPR and were eager to see what all the hype was about.

Shortly after receiving our packages, Jerry and Brian got together to do a Herfing Heads style review. I hadn’t gotten around to sampling mine just yet, but they seemed to enjoy the stick. Since then I have managed to smoke all of my samples (one of each size) and decided to do a Short Ashes review while I turned the last one to ash.

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6 thoughts on “Esencia 2008 (Short Ashes)

  1. Hi Walt, Once again I have nothing of interest to say about cigars…Just wondering if you have heard that the Sword of Truth series goes a little pear shaped as you get past the sixth one? Have you ever read any Stephen Donaldson or George R.R. Martin?

  2. A Well Aged Cuban,
    No, I haven’t read any R.R. Martin as of yet. I have, however, added 4 of the books from “A Song of Ice and Fire” to my Amazon shopping list. I plan on reading that series once I’m finished with the Sword of Truth Series.

    What are you saying about books 7 through 11, that they aren’t as good as the first 6? At this point in time I’m somewhere around 150 pages into book 5 and it has yet to develop a gripping storyline.

    Any recommendations?

  3. Shit…Now i feel bad, sorry i did not mean to put you off but to be honest they did get a little hard work for me as i got near the end. But i have to say that like you i really loved the first four books.
    I really love the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books so far and i think a new one is due very soon.
    If you ever do come across any of the Thomas Covenant books by Stephen Donaldson i think you may like them. Sorry again and please take no notice of my opinion and hope you enjoy the rest of the books.

  4. A Well Aged Cuban,
    No worries, I’ve been hearing mixed things about the books since I’ve started reading them and it hasn’t changed anything.

    I would only expect the series to get a little dull as I approached the last book in an 11 book series. They can’t all be great.

    The only one that I wasn’t overly fond of was Book 3 (Blood of the Fold). It wasn’t until I got to the half-way point that I really got into it.

    Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll be sure to add them to my growing Amazon list.


  5. I’ve only smoked one of the Escencias. It was the petite corona size, and I loved it. Really good cigar. I’ll need to venture online to get some more since I’ve yet to see them in a B&M.

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