Cigar Shop Review: State College, PA – Your Cigar Den

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Cigar Shop Review: State College, PA – Your Cigar Den

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Name of Shop: You Cigar Den
Date Visited: 10/21/08 – I have shopped here at least a dozen times
Street Address: 127 S. Fraser Street
City: State College
State: PA
Zip: 16801
Phone Number: (814) 867-0666
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Wednesday: 11:30am – 5:30pm
Thursday to Friday: 11:30am – 8pm
Saturday: 11:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday: Closed
Website: N/A

Location: Below Average
While there is nothing wrong with the area the shop is located in, downtown State College, it is located in an odd place. In order to get to the shop, you need to walk down an alley-type road. It is not necessarily an alley, but it is not a convenient road. The shop also does not have it’s own parking lot, but in State College, this should not be a problem for most people.

Staff: Average
There are three workers at the shop: the owner, his wife, and a third employee. All are pretty knowledgeable, but I sometimes find the tone and attitude of the owner to be offensive, or demeaning. I am 19, so I have been curious and asked him questions about his shop before, to which he didn’t seem to understand and was just frustrated. I have asked about the readings on his thermometer/hydrometers, and also why he stocks the vitolas he stocks, all to somewhat rude answers. His wife is pretty kind though, she is helpful and much more pleasant. The third employee is also nice, but I haven’t interacted with him much. Overall, I don’t really like the staff because of the owner. He just seems to be one of those people with an opinion, who refuses to even consider others opinions. He even thought the Punch Rare Corojo 08 had a Corojo wrapper, while I knew it actually has a Sumatra, he looked it up and I was correct.

Stock: Average
The selection is pretty good, but it consists of large standup cabinets, opposed to a large walk in humidor. The brand selection is OK, but I feel like I am limited with the vitolas he carries.

Pricing is higher than the shop I have reviewed in Exton, PA. Most notably are mark ups on one of my favorites, the Oliva Serie G Maduro

Lounge: Above Average
The lounge is pretty nice. They have a storefront table with large comfortable chairs around it. They also have a separate room in the back with TV, couches, etc. The storefront setup is pretty nice as the chairs are nice, the table is large, and it is clean.

Overall Opinion: Average
The shop is the only store in State College, PA to buy premium cigars. It has a decent selection, but it feels a big lacking. The quality of the staff, especially the owner, is somewhat disappointing also. As I don’t usually smoke in cigar shops, I don’t really mind the staff and setup since I don’t have to be there other than for purchasing my cigars and leaving. Overall, I’d like to see a nicer store in State College.

As an 19 year old who is very proficient with computers and understands the importance of websites, I think this is not a good thing that they do not even have a basic website. It is not an advertising issue, it is an issue of looking professional, and making it easy for potential customers to easily find your telephone number and address. The shop is also located in a strange spot, so knowing this before hand would help.

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14 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: State College, PA – Your Cigar Den

  1. I’m always mystified when a person that depends on consumers at the retail level is lacking in customer service. It’s like their saying, “Don’t come back to my establishment.” What an idiot.

  2. If ether Brian, Walt or Jerry is reading this I have a big favour to ask. If one of you would be so kind to include this link in one of your reviews in the near future I would be eternally grateful . Could you just ask your readers and viewers to pay a quick visit to the site and take a minute to sign there name…I know this is a lot to ask but I promised someone I would at least ask you all. Many thanks and lets try and help Charlie save the fucking world. God bless.

  3. Nice review Walt- your many reviews make me feel like there are cigar shops all over PA! Wish there were a few more here in West Michigan!

  4. WE ARE


    woohoo State College. Went to school there. If this is the shop I am thinking about I believe it was sold since I went there. I use to buy pipe tobacco there, but never bought cigars there. Maybe when I go back to see a PSU game I will stop in.

  5. Nice review. When I was younger (18-22) I felt like store owners talked down to me. Ten years or so later and I still get that crap. I’m starting to think it isn’t an age thing. They are just miserable people.

  6. Good review man. I am a senor at PennState (UP) right know and I have only been their a handfull of times. Their selection is a little lacking but they have the good staples and one of my favorites La Flor Domincana Double Ligero Lanceros. When I go normally the wife is working the register and is very nice to me. They also have their two cool dogs relaxing on the floor. We should get together and enjoy a cigar in their lounge.

  7. I’m hate when they mark up sticks significantly in one shop. I try to give my business to B&Ms but this seems to always happen in certain ones I go to.

  8. Cool my review is on the frontpage! Haha, much appreciated Walt.

    Matt B, yeah the prices are a real let down. I’m not crazy about buying cigars online, and I do like to support the local shops too, but the high prices really frustrate me.

    RyanPeake, I first tried LFD when I found them at this shop, and man are they awesome! Haha.

  9. Very cool shop review. I have yet to get out to State College and visit some of the smoke shops (im out in Pittsburgh), but hopeefully i will get the chance to sometime soon.

  10. I went to this store years ago. I am a mature man and not a student. The owner was very condescending and I haven’t been back to the shop since. I drive to chambersburg to purchase pipes and usually order my pipe tobacco or cigars via an online venue. I feel that if a shop owner treats me like that, he doesn’t need my hard earned money. If another store opens up in the area, I’ll certainly give it a look, but the cigar den owner has burnt his bridges as far as getting my business. Life’s too short to have to deal with rude people.

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