CAO Cuban Press

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CAO Cuban Press

CAO announces a new sampler pack called the CAO Cuban Press. This sampler contains the following cigars in their new sizes:

3 – CAO LX2 Cuban Press (4 7/8 x 50)
3 – CAO MX2 Cuban Press (4 7/8 x 50)
3 – CAO Italia Cuban Press (4 7/8 x 50)
3 – CAO Brazilia Cuban Press (4 7/8 x 50)

MSRP: $69.00

The packaging is pretty sweet too…check out this YouTube video of the CAO Cuban Press arriving at CAO HQ:


17 thoughts on “CAO Cuban Press

  1. Wish they would have a bigger ring gauge and toro sized, but I will probably grab a pack to try!

    release date?


  2. I saw this when it was posted on Twitter. I am obsessed with the box press cigars from CAO so I may have to give these a try.

  3. Not bad at under $6 a stick. The packaging is interesting, but I ain’t smoking the box. We’ll see if these become available locally.

  4. That’s what I like about CAO…not only do they make stellar cigars, their presentation is incredible as well!

  5. CAO makes the craziest packaging ever and this one is cool. I like a lot how the top and bottom open up simultaneously, Just cool.

    I haven’t herd about these yet.
    Is this a 4 pack of the cigars just in a new box press vitola? Are they releasing this vitola in all the 4 lines they showed or are they only available in this special sampler box?

    I sure would like to see how they look outside the box as to see the extent of the box press. It says Cuban box press so I would think they will not have crisp corners, (it didn’t look like it either from what I could see) or be anything like the I-Press. I think more like a imitation of actual Cuban box pressing but using molds instead of boxes. OK, I know I typed too much already.

  6. I was hoping that the America would be included in this sampler. The box-pressed America in their “Four for the Fourth” pack is excellent. I’d much rather have had it in place of the Mx2 (but that would throw off the the balance of 2 x2 cigars and 2 country-named cigars) or the Italia.

  7. Fucking sick!! Love the packaging that is def an eye-grabber. I also wish the ring gauge was a bit bigger on the cigars but as a huge fan of CAO i will probably be picking up one of these when it hits retail.

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