Don Tomas Maduro

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Don Tomas Maduro

Don Tomas Maduro

Welcome to the weekend edition of The Stogie Review! Don’t mind my new hairstyle…I’m limited with what I can do. I wish I could remember the Facebook or YouTube user who requested a “Great Torpedo” review of the Don Tomas Maduro. Sadly, my record keeping isn’t the greatest in the world. I have to admit something. I was a little leery about the Don Tomas Maduro. The last time I smoked anything Don Tomas (some tissue wrapped line) I wasn’t all that impressed by it.

Video runs a little over 14 minutes and at the end of the Don Tomas Maduro I was left surprised. Not only is the Don Tomas Maduro affordable ($3.30 a single) but they were down right enjoyable! Maybe not as sophisticated as other, higher priced maduro cigars out there on the market but just as enjoyable in my book. I’m happy that I didn’t let my preconceived opinion on all things Don Tomas, prevent me from trying the Don Tomas Maduro and I think you shouldn’t either. Its a an affordable gem of a cigar.


24 thoughts on “Don Tomas Maduro

  1. Nice Review… LFA!

    I always wondered what the Mrs. thought of your thats what she said humor… We luv it!

  2. Jerry,

    Great review, your long f’n ashes at the end made you seem like a wrestler with the mustache. Glad to see a review of a good cheap maduro, i’ll have to see about getting some of these.

    Matt M.

  3. Great review – I will be searching these out! I will also search for the Cameroon to try!

    2 JJ Belicosa’s sitting in my humi right now brother! Like em or not, I am smoking 1 Wednesday!


  4. Jerry, Oh man you look like the Iron Sheik baby! LOL.

    I’m glad you did this review. I have had a DT Maduro in my humi for a while now. Don’t remember where I picked it up or why for that matter but I have yet to light it up. It seems it always gets overlooked in favor of something else. Well no longer. Now that I know it’s worth my time, I’m gonna light it up (partially so I can get it out of my humidor). I hope it’s as decent as you say.

    Oh and with the whole, ‘that’s what she said” thing, my wife just looks at me and says “you know that you can’t use that saying for everything?” Little does she know but that saying is very versatile and in the hands of immature men, it can provide hours of entertainment (that’s what she said). See.

  5. Way cool, Jerry. An affordable smoke with surprisingly nice flavor! I was shying away from these, but NO MORE! Thanks!

  6. I will have to pick some of these up.

    When will you be releasing your first XXX film ? With that facial hair you could be a real star. 😉

  7. Hey Jerry,

    You need to do a video of all your past “that’s what she said” moments…they just keep getting better and better! 😀

    I haven’t had this cigar yet, but it sounds like one I may have to pick up and try. Keep rockin’ the ‘stache, bro!


  8. I’m a real big fan of maduros and with this price I’ll defiantly have to try one. Thanks for the review Jerry!

  9. I’ve been smoking these for a while now. An excellent quick smoke. I’m glad you shed some light on them.

  10. These are really popular around the Brink and Mortar stores up here in Canada eh! Consistently good and affordable even after the high taxes (6-13$ per gar)

  11. I almost spit out a mouth full of water when you first popped on the screen! hahaha! Nice review, Borat!

  12. The title for this review should be – Cigar Porn. You should have played some 70’s porn music for the intro.
    The porn stache, that’s what she said, all pointed to classic ’70’s porn!

  13. Wow, I’ve always been terrified to smoke a Don Tomas.

    Glad you lost the stash.

    I’ll be smoking my JJ tomorrow.

  14. Another great one Jerry. Im always on the lookout for a “budget” smoke. Have to pick up a few of these for sure.

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