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Stogie Review IPCPR Twitter Page

As you may have noticed, there is a new page link listed in the column to your left. This new page is a way for you too see the goings on at the IPCPR (formerly known as RTDA) trade show in New Orleans. Anytime the keywords #IPCPR or #RTDA are used within a twitter message, it will be displayed for you to see.

With Brian, Jerry, and I all having the ability to post photos and tid-bits of news via our phones, this is a great way to keep up between posts and videos on the front page of Stogie Review. Please keep in mind that this page only allows you to read messages and not respond to them. In order to respond you would need to use the Twitter service and use the handles @jcruz, @brianhewitt, and @waltw to communicate with us.

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