Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo

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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo

Back once again, we have Tom and Ed providing us with another cigar critique. This time they smoke the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo. The video runs about thirty minutes and is filmed at St. Pete Pipe and Cigar.

After watching the review, head on over to Tom’s Cigars and check out the site.

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13 thoughts on “Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo

  1. Awesome review as usual!

    Smoking a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne right now while I was watching, another GREAT smoke IMHO.

    I have never had the criollo, but I think I had a CAO Criollo and did not care for the taste. I might have to try another one to see if I have “grown” into them yet.

    Looking forward to the quick smokes and the next full video review!


    I think you should do stickam or maybe tokbox again. It is fun to see Ed flip out on the people that stop by 🙂

  2. Another great review guys! I really like the joint review format you guys use…joint as in two people, not as in Marijuana :D. I think that because Ed might pick up on something that Tom missed, or vice versa, you really get a much deeper exploration into the cigar. Keep up the great work!

    BTW Tom, that “I Void Warranties” shirt is friggen awesome! LOL.

  3. Very enjoyable review. I like the Perdomo Habano Maduro. I like the CAO, but I had draw issues with some of them, so I gave up.

  4. Great review as always guys. 🙂

    I really miss the old Perdomo Reserve Habano, that was a great smoke. Like Gene I like the Habano Maduro quite a bit.

  5. Thanks for the comments here and over at my site. I hope everyone enjoyed the review, despite Ed and I getting a little long winded.

    Mike- I’ll give it a try again. I get side tracked with setting up “The set” and forget cool stuff like that. I’ll see if we can give it a go again. It was good times.

    Labman – A lot of times I rely on Ed bailing me out. I also enjoy the dual person reviews, like Jerry and Brian’s Herfing Heads. It’s also fun doing the reviews with Walt too.

  6. Give the 10th Anniversary Maduro a shot as well. It’s got some strong dark chocolate/coffee flavors going on as well as a hint of pepper. Overall it’s a deliciously well constructed and smooth smoke. The aftertaste matches up almost perfectly with a dark chocolate stout beer.

    Also loving the Dream Theater intro and interludes!

  7. About to smoke one of these and going by this review and the cold scent I think this is going to be a sumptuous afternoon in the sunshine! Nice review Tom & Ed, keep it up!

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