Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Lancero (Short Ashes)

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Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Lancero (Short Ashes)

Don Pepin Garcia Black Label Lancero

A couple of weeks ago I posted a very long writeup on the Cigar Expo put on by Famous Smoke Shop. In that writeup I mentioned that while there, I briefly spoke with Victor Vitale of the Cigar Agency. It was the first time I had the opportunity to speak with Victor in person and I was glad that he introduced himself.

During the expo I wanted to get over to speak with him a little more about his lineup of cigars, but for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. Shortly after the Expo, I received an email from the Cigar Agency asking me if I would be interested in trying another cigar from the company.

Not being one to turn down free samples, I eagerly agreed to give them a shot. Just like the first samples that arrived for the Ortsac review, my cigars arrived very quickly and included a little documentation. Expecting a variation of the Ortsac 1962, I was surprised to find three Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (Black Label) Lanceros.

Upon reading the note, I learned that these sticks were from an order placed by the Cigar Agency in 2008. The order was an exclusive vitola for this company and included one-hundred boxes. Eager to get into my new Lanceros, I lit one up just a couple of days later.

Before this vitola, I had about ten robustos from a Joe Cigar deal of some sort. I don’t know if it was a change in the blend over time or if the wrapper to filler ratio made a significant difference, but I didn’t really care for those smokes. They seemed to lack the robust flavor of the Perlas that I used to smoke routinely.

When I lit up the Lancero, I was quickly reminded of those flavor packed Perlas. The flavors were crisp with that recognizable Nicaraguan / Pepin spiciness. The secondary flavors included a sweet spice through the sinuses and a nice woody undertone which was most apparent after the residual smoke was expelled from the mouth.

The body was right on the cusp of being full while the finish was smooth and creamy. The draw was a little stiff on my second sample but still managed to provide an adequate volume of thick smoke. The burn line was thin and even, for the most part, producing a light colored ash which was firm and held a tightly compacted shape.

Even though I know that I have beat this particular cigar to death with several reviews, after my first sample I knew that I had to do yet another quick look at the Black Label Pepin. I still don’t know if those Robustos I smoked in the past were just a little off, or if the Lanceros were just on, but I was happy to have smoked this vitola.

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17 thoughts on “Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Lancero (Short Ashes)

  1. Cuban Classics my arse. I feel so sorry for you people. I really hope Cuba opens up for you soon so you can stop buying this crap.

  2. Thanks for the review, I think these are alright smokes as well.

    As for Cubans… Just like cigars from Honduras, The Dominican, etc… I’ve had great ones and horrible ones. No one area is the holy grail of tobacco. Don’t believe the Cuban cigars hype. And if ya want to get some, it’s easy enough here in the US.

  3. I too find all the non-cuban references to “Cuban Classic” and “Cuban Seed”, etc. entertaining. Once you’ve had a selection of both, you realize that many non-cubans match or even exceed Cuban quality.

  4. Walt, I have had the Blue Label Lancero but not the Black, and I like the Blue lancero better than the Blue robusto. So I am not surprised to hear you like the Lancero better. I will definitely see if I can find some and give them a try.

    And I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to our resident asshat, cigar snob, roddy. Roddy, until Cuba “opens up” to us we will all just have to do with your mother who “opens up” to us all every night. And we will just have to smoke these “crappy” cigars made by some of the best cigar makers to ever defect from Cuba. But such is the life of those of us that have to live in the greatest country in the world.

    And because it appears you are going to stick around despite your hate for the cigars being reviewed and despite the fact that you’ve already made enemies, maybe you should check out some of the reviews of your heralded Cuban cigars. The search function can be tricky for someone of your high mental capacity (and by high mental capacity I mean retarded) but give it a whirl. Or better yet, start your own website and review Cuban cigars there. With your winning internet personality your site will be a hit in no time (and by hit I mean a cesspool of hate and bitterness).

    And top of the morning to ya from Irish Mike.

  5. Nice review. I have always leaned away from the DPG stuff because everyone always said about the spices, but after smoking 2 of the JJ on JJ4JJ day, I might have to pick some more of his blends up and give it a try!

    As for Cubans – had a couple so far and I still think there are better blends being released legally in the US. CAO Sopranos for 1!


  6. Walt,

    Thanks for the great review… Now the problem is how do we get our grubby hands on these!

    I smoke all sizes of the DPG Cuban Classics and like them all.

    Have you ever smoked the Blue Demi-Tasse? I would bet money that you would like them if you enjoy the perlas!

  7. BTW if anyone deserves the right to use the word Cuban in their cigars its Don Pepin… He lived in Cuba in the cigar industry more years than most of us have been alive.

  8. Nice review. I sure wish these lanceros would see a regular release…the only place I’ve seen them is in a DPG lancero sampler at like $7 a stick.

    I like lanceros in general, and Pepin does them better than most it seems to me.

  9. Mountchuck & OlivaSerieV
    I sent Victor an email this morning asking him if they were sold anywhere. I intended to send the email the night I recorded that video but it slipped my mind and I got caught up in other things.

    I had a blue label Robusto right after Cigarfest. It was one of the samples that were handed out and I didn’t care for it. I don;t know if I got a dud or Ive simply moved away from them in terms of preferred taste.

    In any case, I’ll have to check out the Demi-Tasse. I haven’t had one before and I’m finding myself drawn more to the smaller cigars as of late.


  10. Just got word from Vicor that there are a few Cabinets of 50 remaining. He went on to tell me that a shop in Philadelphia called Liberty Smokes has them.

    I didn’t see a website with a quick google search, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist.


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