Pre-IPCPR 2009

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Pre-IPCPR 2009

The video is kind of long at about 30 minutes but we hope to keep future updates around 20 minutes. Basically though, Walt and I kicked back a few beers and then recorded this video about what we are looking forward to this year…also, Brian Hewitt makes a special call in appearance.


8 thoughts on “Pre-IPCPR 2009

  1. LOL – good times guys 🙂 Cant wait to see all the coverage!

    Was it me or did Brain sound a bit


  2. Excellent show guys!

    That is the happiest I have seen Walt on camera in some time. More BEER! A video where you guys pound beer after beer after beer would be nice. Like a StogieReview meets Beerfest.

    Jerry… Thanks for working in the she said! We missed em!

  3. The “W”? Nice. (Closet Hipsters lol)

    Glad to see you boys getting to hang out in person, as it happens so rarely.

  4. Hah hah hah…beer induced hilarity! Brian is probably still wandering around New Orleans somewhere, hopping from trolley to trolley, looking for something to eat? 😀

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