Interview with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo

12 thoughts on “Interview with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo

  1. Great video!

    I love how he said he wont let online retailers discount to beat out the b&m’s! I hope he can make it work and others might follow suit.

    LOL – funny how he made your next stop for


  2. Man, I like that guy! La Gloria is a great cigar and I’m so excited to try his new one. Thankx for the interview

  3. Nice interview. Next time be more nervous around a slightly famous guy. haha. jk. Thanks guys. I have been interested in hearing from EPC.

  4. Great interview. We can always count on you guys to be at the front for up to the min cigar info. Thank you for all the hard work.

  5. I’ve found that online site’s, except for the Devil Site, prices with tax and shipping are very close to B&Ms.

  6. Very nice interview! EPC really has the right idea about the even distribution of his new cigars between B&M’s and online retailers.

    BTW, Brian…what did you think of the cigar? You mentioned the excellent construction in the video, but what about the flavour-profile? I think I’m going to have to track one down when they come out…a 2 hour robusto…HELLZ YEAH! 😀

  7. A great interview Brian. Ernie’s new company, and the cigars he will produce are the most exciting thing happening in the industry currently.

  8. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Yeah, I was a little nervous, first interview of the show and a big name to boot. Wasn’t quite in my interviewer groove just yet. I think I got a little bit better as the show progressed.

    Labman (Charlie),
    I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve had so far. I haven’t really commented too much on the blend so far because it’s still experimental at this point, and almost certain to change. Also, we had to put this cigar down early because we couldn’t take it with us in the cab back to the convention center. However, there’s a good chance one us will give the cigars we got at the show a fair review.

    Agreed. There was a lot of retailer buzz around the new EP Carillo cigar. Several told me they already knew they were buying before even trying a sample.

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