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  1. Did she say $16,000? Wow, what a steal…I’ll take 3! 😀

    I need to pick up a copy of Zino Davidoff’s book! I’ve meant to for a while, but it always seems to slip my mind…thanks for the reminder.

  2. $16,00K?? Oh well, I guess some folks live a different lifestyle. WAAAAY too rich for my blood. I COULD buy a LOT of cigars for that price though. 😉

  3. She said $16,000 with a STRAIGHT FACE – lol damn..

    Nice looking stuff, but I will wait for the lottery winnings to come my way before i can even get close to any of this stuff 😉


    Oh wait – maybe I should actually start PLAYING the lottery, huh 🙂

  4. OK, the $16k humi shocked me, but was that a cigar band that you put on the cigar yourself? AND it comes with it’s one carrying case. Sweet! All my Cremosas just became Davidoffs.

  5. Damn fellas there are three of you and she only gave you two cigars… Rock, Paper, Lizard, Scissors, Spock on 3 so we can see who wins.

    The orders were just rolling in I hope my local B & M’s stocked up on the $16,000 limited edition Davidoff humidors because I am gonna need a bunch of them to convert from my 150 QT igloos.

  6. $16K for a humidor. Sounds like something that deauchbag (John Thaine) from Merrill Lynch would buy.

    One of you guys should have distracted the lady while the other snuck it out back. It would have made a nice souvenir.

  7. Ain’t no recession at Davidoff…$16K…for a humidor…really? For a humidor that holds maybe…what…100 sticks? For that kind of money, they least they could do is make it a cabinet size that holds a couple thousand sticks…and provides hand-jobs, too! 🙂

    Nice 5 finger cigar holder…what’s that one retail for? $2500? It starts to turn into a comedy routine after a couple minutes, I can’t stop laughing! Even if I had money falling out of my butt, I can’t imagine spending that kind of cash on any of these accessories…and knowing what kind of pretentious crapola they are hawking, I think it will be a cold day in a hot place before I ever spend my money on a Davidoff product again…that’s right, even if I had the money to do so.

    (end of rant)

  8. Yeah, Davidoff has got some pretty spendy swag, but those humidors were just gorgeous. I’m trying to get my wife to buy me that golden Davidoff cigar band. We’ll see how that goes. LOL

    To be fair, I was late, and only Jerry and Walt were there. Danielle was VERY generous. She probably gave away two boxes worth of Davidoffs at the Twitter BOTL Cocktail Hour, and handed me a few more when I dropped by to thank her the next day.

  9. The Octagon humidor by Davidoff is not “just” a humidor but a gorgeous heirloom quality piece of furniture. It is the focal point of any room and provides much enjoyment not unlike an original oil painting or piece of sculpture (but you can’t store cigars in those!)

    It’s all a matter of individual interest. An enthusiast will gladly pay $16,000 for a Perazzi tubed shotgun (.12, .20 .28 and .410) and custom stock while someone else will spend it on a vacation, a Harley, boat or other life passion. That’s the beauty of choice!

    BTW, the Davidoff 5-robusto leather cigar case in either black lizard or brown crocodile retails for a modest $180.

    Glad you got a good laugh out of the “comedy routine.” Stop back on Saturday nite and be sure to try the meatloaf. Don’t forget to tip your wait staff!

    Brand Manager Davidoff/Zino Classic

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