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  1. i was hoping you’d interview Sam. I can’t wait to try the new Ligero, sounds delicious. Sorry to hear the Miami is delayed. I’m sure there is a good reason.

  2. Sam IS the man! I can’t wait to try the Cain…the words “straight ligero” make it sound terrifyingly good!!

  3. Awesome – Does anyone know the blend for the Nub Miami?

    Cain – I dunno, I will have to try one, but I end up in the hospital or dead, I will come back and haunt every one of you bastards :p lol


  4. Sam’s a great guy and makes great cigars. The news about the further delay of the Nub Miami is disappointing, though. I remember seeing the ad in CA at the end of last October, so now the cigar is officially going to be one year late.

    He wants nothing more than to make a cigar with Padilla, eh? You should have asked him if he was going to make one with Don Pepin Garcia…everyone who’s anyone is working with Pepin these days! 😛

    Looking forward to the Cain, but hoping it is separate from the Nub line completely and more aligned with Oliva…and here’s why. My local shop refuses to carry Nub anymore because they were finding that some online retailers were selling them to the public for less than they were able to buy them wholesale. Apparently, this type of pricing was specifically not going to be offered to online retailers according to the contract that my B&M’s manager signed, so he told them either bring your pricing in line or pound sand. Sadly, they no longer carry the Nub.

  5. Im looking forward to this Cigar. Though sad were still going to have to weight. And no you shouldn’t end up in the hospital but then again I’m not you so I cant say for sure. Until this one does hit the market though I am going to just have to order them online (no tobacco store where I live, and yes i know i live in a hick town) is a great little online shop. Some of the best Cigars I have ever had I ordered from there. Still though- I can’t wait till this one hits the market.

  6. Flyin Brian!

    Hmmm…did not grill him about the Maddy being rushed to market too soon? You wuss. 😉

    We need to get you listening to Stern…there are ways to ask the hard hitting questions and not come off like a complete dick. Just sayin.

    Thanks for the video guys.

  7. Thanks guys,
    Surprised, it seems like the online interest is more centered on the Nub Miami than the Cain! (On the floor of the show, I hardly heard the Miami mentioned.)

    The reason for the delay is that Ernesto Padilla had a huge delay in production due to problems getting permits from ATF. I think had been waiting since October ’08 and wasn’t able to get rolling in the new factory until maybe May of this year. Had things moved along more quickly, it’s possible the cigar would have been ready for the show or a little after.

    I haven’t had the Cain yet, but based on Walt’s experience, I would recommend eating first. I don’t think it will be a health risk to a hard herfer like yourself!

    Flyin’ Brian! LOL I may have to change my handle!

  8. in regards to “Flyin Brian”- You did catch Sam calling you that in the remaining seconds of the video? I like it, makes you sound like you are up to something.

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