Frank Llaneza 1961

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Frank Llaneza 1961

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Yesterday evening while sitting at the Cigar shop, the tobacconist there walked in with a box of Frank Llaneza 1961’s. Straight off the truck. I had heard about these from the IPCPR show, and seen an ad for them in a couple of cigar magazines. I had to try one. Especially after I was told of the limited distribution of these. Apparently only 60 stores nationwide will get them, and they are only to be sold in b&m stores, not online. So I was the first in Iowa to get one. I selected the Double Magnum size.

These cigars are handmade with a dark Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. This is a very dark wrapper (chocolate colored) with a beautiful toothy texture and very nice veins. The pre light draw on this was very nice, and you could tell the construction was superb. It lit very well, and as you can see from the pictures burned very consistently.

I would classify this as a medium to full bodied cigar, but had a very smooth mild flavor, if it is possible to have a mild flavor with a full bodied cigar. At times I noticed different flavors; woodsy, maybe cedar, a little leathery at times and definitely earthy. Throughout there was a mild spice, and towards the nub that was left I noticed a peppery taste. All around a very well balanced and flavorful cigar. As I got down to the end, the flavors became much more apparent. I smoked it right down to the nub. This cigar puts off a very nice smoke, and holds a very nice tight white ash. It burned very evenly right down to the very end.

On the whole I was very pleased with this cigar, as I imagine Frank Llaneza was. In order to put your name on a cigar, it would have to be good, right? It had very nice construction, great taste and body, and the appearance of the cigar was very nice. It was a very enjoyable smoke. And since I like to have things others can’t, I bought one of the handful of boxes that arrived at Pars & Cigars. Since then, I know a couple of others boxes have sold. This is definitely an above average cigar and I would recommend buying one when you see one, especially since I have a feeling they will be hard to come by.

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13 thoughts on “Frank Llaneza 1961

    1. I work in Myrtle Beach and Live in Charlotte NC luckily i have a Tenderbox in both places. This is hands down one of my Favorites! Great Cigar!!

  1. I don’t understand why manufacturers do this. Blend a cigar then sell it to only 60 stores. That is about one store per state. It makes no sense.

  2. Shake: This is not uncommon in the industry. This a limited release cigar that is not labeled as such. Also, it is a way for the distributor, General, to reward loyal brick and mortar accounts. Although the article say 60 stores, it is really 60 accounts. An account could supply multiple stores.

  3. Found these in a B&M yesterday and picked up 2 of them in the lonsdale size.

    Shake: Jazzy is right about the 60 accounts. The place I got mine is one of 7 stores under 1 account.

  4. I just tried the Cuban Corona (Corona Gorda size) and loved it. Very impressive and well made.

    Not sure about these being restricted to B&M’s though. I ordered mine on-line as a single no less. They list the entire line-up although they are out of a couple sizes.

    1. Don’t know what a B&M is… Books and Magazines perhaps? Anyway, would like to know what web site to order singles of Llaneza 1961. Had only one but saved the band to make sure I would remember the name. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got the cigar.


      Bay Sailor

  5. Nice review, and I’m glad to see it reviewed by a native Iowan. This is indeed a great stick that, while rich and bold, is also smooth.

  6. Actually, this was released by Altadis U.S.A., a strange turn of events since Frank Llaneza was a founding partner of Villazon & Co., a subsidiary of General Cigar Co.

  7. I finally was able to find this stick (Corona Grande) and I was very impressed. The burn was great and I got a great stark white ash that held on 1/3 of the cigar. I agree with your commentary about landing in medium to full. I would definitely pick up some more. Great price too.

  8. Stopped by JR’s and saw 2 employees smoking them. Bought 2 sticks, smoked them, picked up 3 boxes. My new favorite cigar. I hate to use the word “perfect” but I don’t know of another cigar at this price that does it all.

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