Factual Cigar Database

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Factual Cigar Database

Back in June I got an email from Grant over at Factual. In the email Grant introduced himself and described Factual as the “Wikipedia of Data“. He told me that he stumbled onto Stogie Review and liked what he saw. As a result, he invited me to have a look at the beta site.

What I found when I received my invite from Grant was a cigar database in the works. It listed any brand that data could be collected on and was completely expandable so that future brands could easily be added as they made their way onto the market.

Shortly after IPCPR I got a heads up from grant that the data table was all set to be embedded across the web. I thought it was all pretty interesting and wanted to share the information with the readers of Stogie Review.

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3 thoughts on “Factual Cigar Database

  1. Once he gets all the data in there it will be a nice tool!

    Would be nice to make it so you could download it as an app and have a column to keep track of what you tried, if you liked it, or even if you have some in your humi right now.

    Still a LOT to add, just look at CAO on page 4 😉 but is going to be a VERY nice tool for cigar smokers.


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