Padron Family Reserve 45 Years (Maduro)

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Padron Family Reserve 45 Years (Maduro)

Padron Family Reserve 45 Years

Happy belated Anniversary to the Padron Family on 45 years of success of Padron Cigars. To celebrate and commemorate this special Anniversary, Padron has released a cigar worthy of this Anniversary in the Padron Family Reserve 45 Years. The Padron Family Reserve is a Nicaraguan puro that is wrapped, binded together and filled with tobacco that has been aged for 10 years and available in both a toothy maduro and natural wrappers.

Video runs about 15 minutes and I have to tell you, the Padron Family Reserve is one delicious treat. Of course, its $26 price tag makes it one of those special occasion, celebratory cigars but I can’t think of a better way to make a special occasion even more special. Two thumbs up, seals of approval or any other accolade we give out would never do justice to the Padron Family Reserve 45 Years. Its one of those rare gems that transcends any accolades. Find it, buy it and you will see what I mean. If not, thats cool too just leaves more for me.


33 thoughts on “Padron Family Reserve 45 Years (Maduro)

  1. Great review man, wish I could try one they sound great. So you talked to Jorge Padron, how long do you think before that guy from the other publication gets mad you were talking to his friend. Glad to see the wrist is getting better you got 2 weeks to get it in shape.

  2. Awesome review for what seems to be an awesome cigar!

    This is one of those where I would be REAL hesitant to buy, just because I can get 3 or 4 cigars for the same price 😉 It does seem like something that would be great for a special occasion though! I would probably try and snag a natural for my own tastes.


  3. I can never get a real read on whether you like a cigar or not…oh well I suppose it will remain a mystery.

    BTW, best pictures in the biz!

  4. That sounds absolutely amazing. I have found my next special occasion cigar. It seems like it can live up to and possibly surpass the 2005 liberty I was able to get my hands on and enjoy last month for my B-day smoke.

    Great review for a cigar I am very excited for.

  5. Per your suggestion, on twitter… For something special to smoke after passing each one of my MCSE exams (coming up soon!) I will grab a box of these, and smoke one after each of the 7 exams! Nice review Jerry, as usual brotha!

    1. Luke,
      When Padron came out with the 1964 “Anniversary” series, there were no other box press cigars on the market. Shortly after the introduction of the 1964’s they encountered counterfeiting. At that time they added the second numbered band (my source on this was Jorge Padron).
      I’m not sure the RP process to get to their current style, but I know the above to be true.
      As mentioned in my prior post, these are truly fantastic cigars, I’m wondering if we have found the next Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year.
      By the way, I have a Facebook Group “Padron Cigars 1-3-3-1-2” Please join us.

  6. I have had the pleasure of smoking about a dozen of the #45 Family Reserve (no, I’m not rich and foolish, just a bit obsessive). Every one has burned beautifully and tasted better than the burn…
    I love all the Padron super-premium cigars. I thought the #40 was unbeatable, along came the #80, I loved it but stayed with the #40. The #45 has taken over my #1 spot, period. My day to day smoke is either the 1926 #9 or the 1964 Torpedo (to further qualify my taste) all maduro, of course.

    Good review, you ran out of superlatives to describe this cigar, so have I…

  7. Jorge came to my local cigar shop this past wednesday. He said the 45th is the first of a 5 year run leading up to the 50th anniversary. Got an ashtray and hammer autographed. It was a great event. Haven’t tried the 45th yet. I bought a box and I’m just waiting for the first perfect occassion.

  8. Funny; how your a lay down over the cigar; if this cigar was given to you at another date without you knowing about it unbanned you wouldnt have the same opinion, just because your pulled into the the entire notice of it being the 45th. if you dont have any other words for rich and other, then you shouldnt be reviewing this cigars, besides your point of pushing it for padron family. lay down.

  9. I’m sitting here and down to my last 3rd as I’m enjoying this. Your description of “flawless”, “would walk barefoot over glass to get one” is highly accurate. Not too long ago I took a cruise and was in Canada for a short stay where I had the opportunity to enjoy some great Cuban’s but this not only rivals but beats em IMO. Good review senor.

    1. George
      I’d have to say that comment is BS or someone has more money that they deserve. I have had the pleasure to partake in a couple sticks, but at 4,379.00 plus sales tax your either a LIAR or out of your mind!

  10. i have to say it should be up for cigar of the year but i think it will fall under the same story as the 80 year did….price tag too high. at best it will end up second. i just picked up a box a few days ago and i have to say it is truely a wonderful smoke. if i had to rank the anniversary cigars i have to say the 80 yr maduro, the 40 yr maduro and the 45th. i have a feeling however that if you let this one sit for a while in your humidor it will really blossom. keep in mind though i am splitting hairs here. all three are incredible. if you see one buy it…save it for a good occasion.

  11. I was just given a free padron family reserve 45 with bands and numbers, I am totally ignorant here, I don’t smoke and I don’t want to offend, What should I expect?

  12. Hey Jerry,

    Nice review man! Watched it about 10 times…lol…I’ve got 3 boxes on the way and can’t wait to have them in hand!


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