Perdomo Patriarch Corojo (Short Ashes)

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Perdomo Patriarch Corojo (Short Ashes)

Perdomo Patriarch Corojo

Right around this time last year, the word was spreading about all of the new lines coming out of IPCPR 2008 in Las Vegas. One of the brands getting a bit of buzz was the Perdomo Patriarch. While none of us were able to get our hands on a sample, Brian did manage to get his hands on one after he got back home.

Ever since that review I have had the desire to check out the cigar. I was a big fan of the Perdomo Habano line and rumor had it that the Patriarch was much more refined and flavorful. As time passed, the cigar slowly slipped my mind and I no longer thought to look for them when I visited a new cigar shop.

This year while attending IPCPR 2009 in New Orleans, we had much better luck getting sampled from Perdomo. In fact, Jerry, Brian, and I were given a product tour with Christopher Harper (National Director of Sales). One of those samples included that very same Perdomo Patriarch Corojo that I was interested in trying the year before.

That cigar is the one I have for you today in Short Ashes format. The video runs about fourteen minutes long and touches one several aspects of the cigar.

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5 thoughts on “Perdomo Patriarch Corojo (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice review. I never had any of these. I do like the 10th Anniversary Champagne, so I might have to see about picking one of these up to try.

    Its amazing how the prices have come down compared to most places raising prices!


  2. Great review as allways Walt! This is one of my favorite cigars lately, I am trying to compare them to camacho corojo’s, and see which stick wins. I think I prefer the Camacho corojo slightly more, just love the corojo flavor!

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