Illusione cg:4 (Guest Review)

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Illusione cg:4 (Guest Review)

Guest - Illusione cg4

Back for the second time this week, we have our good friends Tom and Matt. Just like in the Alec Bradley Family Blend, the guys have recorded from Tampa Humidor. Up this week they take a look at the Illusione ~cg:4~.

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7 thoughts on “Illusione cg:4 (Guest Review)

  1. Hey Tom and Mr not Ed. Nice job. If it means anything, this Cuban snob actually quite likes Illusione cigars. Take care.

  2. Nice review! Sounds like something I will have to try – might have already though, cant remember. I just cant get over how nice that cigar lounge is…sheesh.


  3. Stop reviewing these, I don’t want anyone else to know how good they are.
    In all seriousness, these are fantastic smokes. A step above the big-name hype brand flavors of the month. Very complex and interesting — a great experience. You’ve got to enjoy these while sitting down, indoors if possible to give it your full attention.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed the review and thx for the comments. Don’t worry, Jerry will be back soon. Until then you’ll have to tough it out with Matt and I!

  5. Great review. I’ve smoked the MK, 4 2/g, and the CG4 and by far the CG4 is my favorite.

    The flavors are subtle.

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