Alec Bradley Family Blend (Guest Review)

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Alec Bradley Family Blend (Guest Review)

Guest - Alec Bradley Family Blend

With Jerry on maternity leave to help care for his petit corona, our good friends Tom and Matt are stepping in to help provide video content in Jerry’s absence. For their first review together, they take a look at the newly released Alec Bradley Family Blend.

While at the 2009 IPCPR Convention in New Orleans, Brian and I had the opportunity to shoot some video with Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars. Be sure to check out that video for a little background information and learn how the Family Blend came to be.

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14 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Family Blend (Guest Review)

  1. Cool review! That place is HUGE!!!

    I want to pick some of these up to give a try, it seems like it might be right up my alley of smokes! Cant wait to see you guys next review!


    So, is Matt taller than Jerry? inquiring minds want to know =)

  2. Good to see all 3 of you enjoyed the review. It was fun to do at the Tampa Humidor. They are all cool peeps.

    Mike – The only thing I know is Matt is indeed taller then Jerry. I could pick Jerry up like a little baby. Matt – I could not do this.

  3. Nobody pulls off an awkward silence like Tom. Nice review guys, and I enjoyed the Tampa Humidor walk through. Looks like it’s almost as big as some of the shops we have up here in Hotlanta!

    Great timing with this review. I just happened to be lighting up one of these Family Blends this evening while I was browsing through the SR recent posts and comments. Not a bad stick, but I like the SCR, the new Prensado and sometimes the Tempus (when it’s on) more.

  4. Great Review!?!… Sorry bring Jerry Back. it was like watching “Wayne’s world” with a touch of “beavis & Butthead” giving a stogie review. Very un-organized…

    1. Good observation. This is exactly the vibe we were going for, except Wayne & Garth (or Beavis & Butthead) are two fat pasty guys in a cigar shop. Looks like you “Get it” 😉

  5. Well in your defense, it was my first time seeing you guys. So, maybe the sarcasim could of went away , but I think constructive crtitizim is always a plus! I’m no critic,and at least you did it! I just feel a little more planing or scripting could come into play. I really do rely on Good reviews, Location Great!, Sound Quality Great! , Visual Great, tour around the store AWESOME!, Just like you said” seilnt moments” not good. and the Walk over eack other as you spoke not to good. Look forward to seeing some Great Reviews in the Very near Future! Just “keeping it Real” Like we do here on the WEST COAST! Thanks again! What up J.Cruz!

  6. Maybe its the ‘by Walt’ in the byline that disuaded viewers. LOL

    -Throw in some ‘That’s what she said(s)
    -More witty banter
    -Point fingers at the viewer (as if to say, ‘I can’t believe you suckers watched this whole thing’)
    -More F-Bombs!


  7. I just pulled an AB FB out of the humidor…a total sponge. I don’t blame the brand just this particular stick.

    very mellow and very mild. not impressed.

  8. Just smoked one of these while drinking a double espresso. Pretty good smoke that has a nice little kick of nicotine and is medium bodied throughout. It’s a smoke that doesn’t draw attention to itself, but serves its purpose perfectly. Nice volumes of smoke and a short finish mean this cigar doesn’t hang around on your palate after you’re finished smoking. I picked this up at an Alec Bradley tasting and would smoke one again, but at 6-7 bucks a stick, I don’t know if I would go looking for one. All in all a pleasant cigar though.

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