Cubao (Guest Review)

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Cubao (Guest Review)

Guest - Cubao - Toro

Matt and Tom are back once again with another Guest Video Review of the Cubao. The guys smoked the Toro this time around and are back to recording in St. Pete Pipe and Cigars. Video runs roughly seventeen minutes.

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10 thoughts on “Cubao (Guest Review)

  1. Great review guys. Might try one of these if I would find it locally, but box purchase would have to wait since there are quite a few sticks in that price range that are out now that have a LOT of flavor


  2. Hey. Good review, and note I don’t mind if they’re longer. I like Jerry’s shorter ones, but the longer reviews by Tom/Ed or Walt are just fine.

    Matt, do you inhale when you smoke? Either way, no problems … just curious.

    (And I’m sorry about Ed’s demise … hopefully he joins in on some future reviews anyway.)

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