Jerry’s Petit Corona Has Arrived

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Jerry’s Petit Corona Has Arrived

As many of you know, from following Jerry’s videos and Twitter, he and his wife were expecting their daughter to be born around this time. I’m happy to announce that Jerry and Michelle had their baby girl at 12:07 PM on September 23, 2009.

Grace Anabel Cruz

19 inches. 6 lbs 14oz
Grace Anabel Cruz - 1

Grace Anabel Cruz - 2

Grace Anabel Cruz - 3

Jerry, Michelle, and and baby Grace are all happy and healthy.
Everyone expects to return home from the hospital sometime early this weekend.

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34 thoughts on “Jerry’s Petit Corona Has Arrived

  1. Jerry,
    Congrats my man! Beautiful little girl. I am expecting my own Petite Corona in Dec. I’ll be lighting up a stick this weekend in honor of your new edition. Would love to hear what your stick of choice is to commerate the occasion. Still trying to figure out what I will be smoking when my own little girl arrives.
    Heres to the love and health of your family.

  2. That’s so awesome! What a cutie, look at all that hair!! My wife and I have mostly Scandinavian genes — our baby was bald until about a year, lol. Major congrats and I’m very happy for you guys!

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