Cohiba (Guest Review)

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Cohiba (Guest Review)

Guest - Cohiba - Red Dot

Matt and Tom join us once again this week to take a look at the Dominican made Cohiba Cigar.

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28 thoughts on “Cohiba (Guest Review)

  1. good review guys, ive never been a fan of the dominican cohiba line at all, personaly id rather buy just about any other cameroon wraped cigar out there, but i know the cohiba gets high marks and they have their folowing, boy do they, the guys come into the shop and want nothing but cohiba, and all other cigars are crap and they let you know it to, i just nod and smile to each their own i guess.

    1. Big-A – I see your point. I can see enjoying an Oliva Serie G Cameroon much more then then the Cohiba for sure. Glad you enjoyed the review despite the horrible sound (technical problems that were my fault).

  2. This whole set up is very depressing and sort of sad to watch.

    You have two pasty, doughy guys hidden away in a dingy back room pathetically smoking cigars while the rest of society is busy enjoying the weekend in a social environment with friends and family watching football. I would encourage these two to find another hobby or activity to partake in, there is more to life than smoking cigars on camera.

    1. Bill that comment is great. This is the kind of stuff us with cigar sites/blogs crave. I would really appreciate if you could leave similar comments on my site as well. All of my contact info is over there. Please leave me your contact info too!

    2. wow bill just because these guys enjoy reviewing cigars as a hobby doesnt mean you have to be a dick about it. grow up

    3. It really is quite sad, a grown man (woman?) who seems to have the hobby of ridiculing the hobbies of others. I can only imagine just how sad you look Bill, alone in an office (your mothers basement?) looking for reviews of cigars to bash for being a foolish non sociable hobby. I personally love it when a total hypocrite criticizes me because it just gives me a deeper appreciation for other members of the human race with a more palatable human condition. So Bill I say to you a thanks for reminding me that even though the great majority may be endowed with the tragic condition of utter hypocrisy that there are indeed others out there who epitomize that human condition that so captivates thinking mans mind. As for the review excellent job gentlemen being a newbie to cigars I am excited to try this little gem

  3. Good review guys as allways,i think u guys r doing a pretty good job filling in for jerry, and as for( BILL) did u smoke an equus today? ,there is no need for the hostility and pure rudeness of ur comment. grow up buddy…

    1. Aaron – Thanks man. But you gotta admit, the lighting was horrible and the sound was bad. The rest of Bill’s comments were just icing on the cake. I enjoyed it and I would be saddened if he didn’t mean it. I am the toughest guy on the Internet, so let’s see if ol Billy has what it takes over at my place 😉

  4. Great review! I had my 1st Cohiba a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. It didn’t blow me away, but it was a pleasant smoke!
    Nice comment Bill. Way to bring in some negativity to the site. It’s people like you that make me love everyone even more! What kind of name is Bill anyway, it’s so normal kind of like Tom! 😉
    Thanks for the review!


    1. Bill all I ask of you is to PLEASE leave these types of comments on every review I am involved with. It really makes it worth while. And next time, feel free to leave valid contact info! See you soon!

  5. I love your reviews, and ALL of you guys at Stogie Review. But as a photographer, you really need to consider the setting for your videos. Maybe a nice “Stogie Review” banner in the background or some portable lighting. I know you gotta play the hand you’ve got, but consider some alternative locations.

  6. Bill the interesting thing is we were in a cigar shop with a handful of guys watching football. Still I appreciate the comment it’s nice to know some one out there cares enough to leave comments either way. By the same token we make our mediocre reviews but they still get watched.

    F-stop yeah didn’t realize the lighting and audio was so fucked up, next time we’ll do it in the front of the shop.

  7. Nice job guys. Just wanted to say well done to this Bill chap. As Tom can confirm, I have tried so hard to leave such witty and cutting comments as that for a long time and never seem to quite get it right and all of a sudden along comes Billy boy and nails it straight away.That really is it now…I am off to go and hassle that hot cigar smoking chick and tell her she looks like Tom with worse hair. X

  8. Bill, you negitive comments depressed me much here at work that I am going home to have a drink and a cigar. Thank you Tom for doing the reviews and I bet you have a great time doing them. I am truely jealous.

  9. Great review! I enjoy Cohibas occasionally,but not often! Is this the same Bill that dogged one of Jerrys reviews? If so, someoe needs to explain to him once again,that these reviews are done by real people that really enjoy cigars! None of it is for show! So if you don’t like how the guys look,or where the review is taking place stop watching/commenting! Simply go away and never come back! Problem solved! Thanks again guys!

  10. “there is more to life than smoking cigars” — Bill

    This sounds like crazy talk to me! Mutterings of a complete mad man I say!

  11. I dont think your reviews were bad but you could spruce the sound and lighting up . Tom not dogging on you but it seems in every review your scared to voice your oppinions first , seems like you just agree with your partner , oh well keep up the good job

  12. Nice review, guys. I have had the Red Dot in both robusto and lonsdale (6.25×47) vitola and much prefer the lonsdale. Seems strange that 2 points in the ring gauge would make that much difference, but maybe they change the number filler leaves or something???

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