Cigar Shop Review: Jackson, Tennessee – Ye Olde Pipe Shoppe

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Cigar Shop Review: Jackson, Tennessee – Ye Olde Pipe Shoppe

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Name of Shop: Ye Olde Pipe Shoppe
Date Visited: 09/28/09
Street Address: 581 Old Hickory Blvd # G ,
City: Jackson
State: TN
Zip: 38305-2999
Phone Number: (731) 668-8999
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 10:30a-6pm
Website: N/A

Location: Average
The shop is in the Hamilton Hills shopping center, a run down center, but it’s been there for 25 years. At least it’s located in the center of town.

Staff: Average
The staff consists of about 1 at a time gruff old guys. Not that thats a bad thing…knowledge was good but brief, “those are good”, “we sell a lot of these,”.

Stock: Average
Only real shop in town, so it’s hard to compare. Not bad, plenty of Arturo Fuente and I saw some opus X on display. Supply was well humidified.

The Prices are really quite good. The Opus X was one of the medium sizes and it was on sale for only around $13. A good selection of seconds as well as some great mixed-filler like the Pepin “Benchmade”.

Lounge: Below Average
This is where they are really hurting. One love seat and a puffy chair. One small TV. Plenty of crabby old guys talking conservitive politics, and that’s always fun. Maybe a little more religious talk than in your average cigar shop.

They have a lot of display cases and nothing much to display, they could rearrange some things in there to make better use of the small space.

Overall Opinion: Average
My rating of them is saved by the fact that they are the only real store in town, and the small town atmosphere. If there was a real lounge in town, they would probably charge a lot more for the same cigars. I’ll be back. I have no choice!

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3 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Jackson, Tennessee – Ye Olde Pipe Shoppe

  1. Thanks for this review. I go to Jackson 2 – 3 times a month for business and I didn’t know there was a shop there. I’ll give them a look the next time I visit.

  2. Fantastic selection. Very reasonably priced. Nice lounge area. Great conversation. Staff is knowledgable & very friendly.

  3. The lounge area has been dramatically updated. Selection and prices are still great.
    The Grumpy Old Man still works there. lol. He was helpful though.
    My overall experience was excellent.

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