Room101 Cigars

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Room101 Cigars

Room101 Cigars

Its great to be back in action. Huge props to Walt, Brian, Tom, Matt, Ed and BigReg for taking care of my spots the past month or so while I’ve been on maternity leave!

I’ve been excited to review the newest release from Camacho Cigars in the form of the Room101. If you remember back to IPCPR this year, we recorded a bit of the conspiracy with Matt Booth.

Video runs a little over 12 minutes and contains some contest information for you to win a box of Room101 Cigars (official contest post coming soon). In summary, I think Camacho & Room101 really created a cigar that exceed my expectations. Its definitely going to be a contender on many Top 10 Lists for 2009. While all the sizes are great, you really have to experience the Room101 Cigar in the 702 (11/18) variety. The 702 really stands out amongst the other sizes by adding an additional layer of depth to the flavor profile.


27 thoughts on “Room101 Cigars

  1. Great Review Jerry! It’s great to have you back! I have been geeking on the Room101 since I got my box of 323s a few weeks ago. It is phenomenal! Thanks again for sharing!


  2. Welcome back! Awesome review! Still havent gotten any of these to try, I dont even know if any shop around here got them in yet. I will keep my eyes open for them! SOunds like a very nice cigar to just relax with and enjoy the day.


  3. Great to have you back! Sounds like a great cigar…even if it isn’t Nicaraguan…. 😉 I definitely need to try this one. Thanks for another great review

  4. I chuckled at the fact you almost laughed (twice) at saying “penetrating”. Anyone know the origins of the term 11/18? Cheers

  5. Cruz nice to see you back. Awesome review as usual. I really need to get a couple of the Room101.

    I am not so sure about those Caps winning the title this year with that goaltending but I would love to see Ovie get a Cup. Anyone but Cindy Crysby!

  6. Nice review Jerry. Are these similar to any of the other Camacho lines? Also I’ve always wondered what you mean by the term “woodsy”, are you referring to a wood like flavor or like a forest type flavor?

    Thanks, Clint.

  7. Nice to see you back, Jerry, and I hope all is well at home! I’ve yet to see these, but I’ll probably try one out when I find them since you liked it so much and I tend to have a similar taste in cigars.

  8. Damn you Torpedo! More cash for more cigars that I am going to have to get.

    Welcome back! We missed you. Although I must say more Tom on SR is a good thing!

    Gotta go hunt me down a 702 now. Peace Out!

  9. Great review as always Jerry. Definitely want to try this cigar but I’m glad to here CAO is producing some good competitors. Actually, you should try the VR. I think you might be surprised 🙂

  10. Great review, Jerry. I’ve got one in my shirt-pocket right now, next to a very nice Padilla Habano. Hmmmmm, decisions decisions…

  11. I thought these were terrible for the money – poor construction, loose fill, uneven burn. Tastes just like Pepin Blue Label

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