Room101 Cigars by Camacho

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Room101 Cigars by Camacho

Matt Booth takes us thru the Room101 Cigar by Camacho and shows off a special Room101 Humidor.


10 thoughts on “Room101 Cigars by Camacho

  1. Yeah, I want to try one of those Room101 maduros! Anyone have a MSRP on those sticks?

    BTW, that humi is bad-ass! Did he say a possibility of an elephant skin humidor?? LOL.

  2. These are one of the sticks I’m most interested in from IPCPR, I can’t wait to try one. Like Charlie said, that humi is bad-ass for sure!

  3. OMFG! that humi is Siiiiiiiiiiiick! I’ll Take an Elephant Skin with baby seal fur accents,and White Rhino tusk hardware.

  4. Room 101 is on my list since I am a certified Camacho Whore.

    Need to get them to build me a custom Pinta Island tortoise shell humidor adorned with a Javan Rhino horn handle maybe accent it with some of that rare Iberian Lynx skin. Then I can enjoy storing my smokes in my one of a kind super endangered species humidor. To really amp it up chop down one of those 2000 year old Dragon Trees to make fancy wood inlays on the inside of the humidor for me.

    On second thought I will just go buy myself another 150 qt Igloo cooler instead.

  5. While Matt is fly and super cool… I think saying that these cigars are dope may not be the best urban slang to tell us how good these cigars are!

  6. I also want to try some of these, and also agree with the humidor going a bit too far. Lets leave it at wood and call it a day, shall we 😉

    MSRP? Available when?


  7. I think I would prefer a Siberian Tiger skin for my humidor, along with a cutter made of African elephant ivory and an ashtray made from the hand of a silverback mountain gorilla. Then I’ll invite over some people from PETA and World Wildlife Federation for a herf and BBQ!!!

    Seriously, though, if the accessories line is any indication, Room 101 stuff is going to be ridiculously priced and we may end up seeing someone rival Gurkha in least value for the money.

  8. The humi is cool, but way over the top. If cobra commander smoked cigars, that would be the humi on his desk. But, cobra commander can’t smoke cigars cuz he wears a mirror on his face that does not allow access to the mouth region. Hence, this humidor should not be in existence.

    Let’s try a room101 cigar though.

  9. The humidor is an awesome piece of work but I still prefer a nice exotic hardwood finish. The cigars sound interesting and something I would like t try.

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