Cubao Maduro

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Cubao Maduro

Cubao Maduro

Thinking back to pre-IPCPR I remember first hearing about the Cubao Maduro and was excited. Its no secret that I’m a big fan of the natural Cubao, especially in the Lancero size, so I waited with baited breathe for the Cubao Maduro to be released.

Not every cigar can be a winner right? I know many will disagree with me on this but I was unimpressed with the Cubao Maduro. When I think of cigars in the $6 to $8 range, I think it should contain more consistent flavors. The Cubao Maduro didn’t perform up to my expectations. Lackluster, unexciting, inconsistent flavor profile with a distracting harshness. Give me a natural Cubao anytime. But this begs a question that I pose in the video…how long do you age a cigar before you give up on it? Leave a comment and let me know and for a treat, try watching the HD version via the link below.

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20 thoughts on “Cubao Maduro

  1. Thats too bad Jerry. I have really been looking forward to this cigar was well.

    I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this stick, I guess Im going to have to find out for myself.

  2. Good review Jerry. Seems to be in line with what I’m hearing.. very flat, boring and subtle hints of dirt. For $6 for the smaller size, I’m thinking I’ll stick with the Serie JJ Maduro. As for the aging, we’d like to think all of these smokes should go out the factory door tasting how they were intended to taste. Although I do wonder that some are being pushed out a bit too soon.

    If the first one disappoints and just feels and tastes to young, I’ll revisit in about 6 months, if it’s still not good I rarely ever go back to it. If it got noticeably better, but still has it’s problems, I may consider trying another one after another 6 months.

  3. To each his own, I guess…I had my first experience with this cigar on Saturday at my local B&M where Eddie Ortego was in-house for an event. I picked out some sticks (buy 3, get a freebie) and decided to smoke the Cubao Maduro (robusto) there while I hung out for a while. I was impressed by the peppery punch and the rich, full body right from the beginning. It is a strong cigar but had plenty of flavor as well. I’ve had the Cubao natural and loved it as well, but I was really pleased with this stick.

    Eddie Ortega was a heck of a nice guy, too. A few of us just hang around, talking cigars, politics, People of, etc. If I’m not mistaken, I think he said the new Murcielago was his favorite stick because it is not as strong (he inhales the smoke). I had one yesterday and I have to say that one did not impress me much. Again…to each his own…

  4. Great Review Jerry! I enjoyed the maduro myself. Now I have only had one, but I will get more to try. I found it to be more flavorful than you did.

    Sucks that this one didn’t live up to your expectations, but there are so many good smokes out there, that it is easy to find ones that do!

    Thanks again and welcome back……you were missed!

  5. Jerry, I agree with your review. I smoked a Cubao maduro two weeks ago and I found it to be good at best. It wasn’t excellent, or great, or even very good…it was just OK. I found the predominant flavor to be smokiness. At times the smokey flavor was so strong I felt like I was standing next to a pile of burning leaves. In the end, I too was disappointed because it’s not nearly as good as the regular Cubao. I typically really like EO stuff but this one was somewhat of a miss to me.

  6. Great review. However, I have to say I quite enjoyed the maduro. As for your question on aging, I usually try 4-6 months before the next one. As long as I have enough other stuff in the humidor, that’s never a problem.

  7. Nice review…
    I pretty much agree with you about the cigar…not impressed.

    I however like to think a cigar maker sends out his/her product ready to smoke. I therefore hold it against the manufacturer when cigars come out that are “green”, or require further aging to become smokeable.
    I also like to think that I can tell when a cigar is “not my thing” or if it is just “green” etc.
    With the Cubao Maduro, It could get better with age, and I’m willing to try it later, but for now, its not a smoke I’ll have again for a while, and will convey my negative opinion of it to those who ask.

    The manufacturers take a great risk pushing out smokes that aren’t “ready” to smoke…and I know alot of people who like me, don’t use the excuse “well, it’ll get better with age”

  8. Great review Jerry, I was surprised you didn’t like it. This cigar made my top ten list. I’m on my second box right now, maybe you got a bad box or something… as for the aging, if I don’t like it to begin with, I generally will try it maybe one more time to see if it or my taste buds have changed, but I don’t typically smoke cigars over and over that I don’t enjoy, there’s just too many good sticks out there man.

  9. Thanks for the review.

    I like you was chomping at the bit to get my hands on one of these. This was one of the first cigars to hit my local B & M and I smoked one a few weeks after the show.

    I too was disappointed and would have preferred to smoke a Cubao #3 or #7 over the Maduro.

    I have no desire to age them to see if they get more into my flavor profile.

  10. Hey Jerry review the Perdomo Patriarch, not the maduro either I just smoked one and it was very nice… The taste through the retro hale was very tasty…. YUMMY!

  11. I too enjoy the natural wrapper and don’t know what went wrong on this one—thx. jerry, glad I was not the only one 🙂

  12. I completely disagree. I thought this was a great cigar, with rich flavors of cocoa and some spice. I’m wondering how many you smoked for the review? One, two three? Where did you get your samples? I’ve had a handful of these, and they’ve all been really nice.

    1. John – You obviously didn’t watch the review or didn’t pay attention to the review or any of our reviews. First, in the video I said I BOUGHT these from W.Curtis Drapers. They were not samples. Second, like with any review (unless we say otherwise) I smoked 4 of these for this review. Third, I have on good authority that you handle the Miami Cigar Co Twitter account so your comment seems a bit biased. But in case my sources are wrong, its cool to disagree but there is no need to call into question our review process just because you don’t agree. Your comment could’ve ended after the second sentence.

      1. I have a completely different take on this cigar. It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s palate is different. The Cubao maduro is signifcantly more strong than the natural. It is of no surprise to me that many people who enjoy the natural are not as fond of the maduro….just as many people I know love mild to medium cigars that to me have little or no taste. I found the Cubao maduro to be packed full of flavor and spice; not just raw strength that you find with some of the new cigars on the market whose purpose is to exploit the current trend towards fuller bodied cigars. I rarely respond to any reviews I read on-line, but I would hate for people to neglect trying this cigar based on one review from someone whose palate is probably much different than their own.I think this is an incredible cigar on whole for those of us who enjoy cigars that are full of flavor and spice.

  13. Too bad on the cigar. It’s disappointing to come across an anticipated cigar to be disappointed. As for aging, if it’s uneventful now, it’ll probably be uneventful later. Aging cigars mellows them out and sometime allows more of the subtle flavors to blossom. I’m no expert, but I’m learning from the tobacconist here. Like some say, “A bad cigar will always be a bad cigar.” And based on your review of this cigar, I don’t think it would be worth my time in trying to age it,

  14. Thats what we luv about the Great Torpedo. If he does not enjoy a cigar he has the balls to come out and say it even if some of the people in the industry who he likes to be friends with will not be happy with him.

    TRUTH brother of the leaf thats what we want to hear… even if the manufacturer sends you box after box of samples give us the stone cold brutal truth.

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