Cigar Shop Review: Woburn MA – Cigar Emporium

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Cigar Shop Review: Woburn MA – Cigar Emporium

This review comes courtesy of Drew (dajones)
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Name of Shop: Cigar Emporium
Date Visited: 05/20/09 (first of several)
Street Address: Woburn Mall; 269 Mishawaum Road
City: Woburn
State: MA
Zip: 01815
Phone Number: 781-933-0231
Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat 10:00 – 9:30; Sun 12:00 – 6:00

Location: Average
Meh. It’s in a mall, and not a particularly enticing one. But it’s convenient, at the confluence of Routes 93 and 95. Nothing special.

Staff: Average
Meh. Just paid clerks. Sometimes they know a little, sometimes they don’t. One guy didn’t know whether he could accept a coupon (the Punch “Tax Relief” promo), but tossed me a free Punch anyway. Another time, the cashier was too involved with her cell phone to pay me any mind.

Stock: Average
Better than the downtown drugstores or North End smoke shops, but nothing like Peretti, G-Street, or even Leavitt & Peirce. A broad, middle-of-the road spectrum at reasonable prices. Major brands. Definitely a shop for the consumer (it’s across from a Tux rental shop), but not the splurger. Lots of smoking-related items, some pipes and supplies, starter kits, a few head-shop type items.

Lounge: N/A
None, and nothing nearby (it’s a MALL!)

Overall Opinion: Below Average
It’s okay, just okay. None of the personality (for good or ill) of downtown smoke shops; clean and convenient and not too pricey; in the mall. Good enough in a pinch, but not necessarily good for the adventurer and definitely low on the understanding and camaraderie scale. Would not go out of my way to visit.

enjoying cigars since 2005

3 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Woburn MA – Cigar Emporium

  1. Drew-

    I agree with most of what you said here, but I think the overall opinion ranks “average” as opposed to “below average.” The Cigar Emporium is one of the few B&Ms where I have been able to find consistenly Opus X cigars. The best thing is that they do not restrict the amount of Opus Xs you can buy. L.J. Peretti’s has a limit of 2 per visit.

    Your comments in the stock section should mention that the Cigar Emporium also carries a fairly good selection of the CAO brand and the Ashton VSGs. Also, if you’re looking for a cheap copy of “Cigar Magazine,” a $1.00 price tag cannot be beaten.

    Indeed, they are not Peretti, but they are not quite at the bottom either.


  2. A must visit if you love good prices,wide selection,fresh cigars has been in the same spot for 38 years,Ashton VSG’s,Padrons,high end and low,many more types.humidors up to 40% off retail. Pipe tobacco and cig tobaco, tubes.I spent a year going to Salem mass until I found this store on corner of Revere St and I believe American legion hwy across from blanchards liquors. I now spend upto 2$ less for most and a larger selection.cigarettes and all assecories!!3STARS

  3. I have been to this place a few times and have never had a good experience, the only reason i went to this place more than once is convenience, but never ever again! The selection is fairly small maybe 12 feet of humidors. The prices are OK at best, the employees never no anything, are not helpful, and don’t care. I asked about a digital hygrometer and he told me he could not help me and to look on-line. I then asked about spills and he had never heard of them, I proceeded to tell him what they are and he laughed at me. The employee said “it didn’t matter” and “you have a lighter for a reason so use it”. I will never go in this place again and will take the extra 5-10 minutes and go to Wakefield for a smoke shop where they actually care and respect customers.

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