Ask The Readers: How Big of a Cigar Geek are You?

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Ask The Readers: How Big of a Cigar Geek are You?

If you’ve been around awhile you will know that Walt and I met playing an online game called Battlefield 1942. I’m still no stranger to online games. I have experience in both mmorpg and money-based games like on 666casino. While not as hardcore as I use to be I still find myself putting on my tights to defend Paragon City in City of Heroes or doing my part to protect Azeroth in World of Warcraft.

In City of Heroes I’m known as The Butane Flame and my warrior in World of Warcraft is simply known as Tatuaje. I know many of you are shaking your heads right now. Its probably bad enough that I play these games let alone being a total cheese ball and using cigar themed names for my toon/character. If there is one thing I’ve learned is that no matter how strange a person can be, they are never alone. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I ask you:

How Big of a Cigar Geek are You?

Are you the same as me with naming your MMORPG characters using a cigar theme? Do you have pets named Montecristo or a daughter named Havana? I surely can’t be alone in this right? Right?


15 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: How Big of a Cigar Geek are You?

  1. Dont play MMORPG games myself, just because i am too damn cheap to pay all that money =)

    No names for pets or kids that relate to cigars other than my brother-in-law being referred to as “Rocky Whore” lol

    Do you feel lonely yet? HAHHHHAHAHAHAHAAA


    I am a HUGE geek though =)

  2. When I saw your WoW character, I immediately jumped…you stole my character name!! 😛
    Tatuaje the Dwarf lives in Lord of the Rings Online as well.

  3. OK, new nickname for you – “The Great Dorkito” – you’re free to use that in Azeroth if you’d like. 😉

    j/k, j/k… I never got into any of those games, but you are right – you’re definitely not alone. I prefer games with more running around and blowing everything up in them… but no cigar-themed names for my characters.

  4. I played for a little while, but school has taken over my life. Plus I find doing outdoors stuff is a better stress reliever. I work at a cigar shop however, and my nickname there is ‘resident cigar geek’ if that helps..

  5. I’m with you man, I even make alot of my passwords for stuff cigar themed, I think cigars are just too cool to not incorporate into other stuff, although some names for online games probably wouldn’t work like La Gloria Cubana – or maybe it would

  6. Jerry,
    Can’t say that I’ve ever felt the urge to name a gaming character after a cigar, or cigar related item, lol

    However, I think that I achieved Cigar Geek status the first time I wore my “Got Puros?” shirt from Cigarmony in public. I was not prepared for the the onslaught of “What does that mean?” from pretty much every single person that read the front of my shirt….lol

  7. I use to have a priest (shadow) before I quit. Horde of course. Undead Shadow Priest named Sense. That way I can always say, “I made Sense.” Oh yeah, and an Undead Rogue named Shades. Then arena’s came out and ruined that game. Rogues were so powerful in that game, especially for ganking players in the world. MMORPG’s are just time sinks. I urge everyone to stay away. They are addictive and wastes of life. The best thing I ever did was quit.

  8. All this World of Warcraft stuff… Posers I say!

    I used to play computer games back in the day… Adventure… Colossal Caves was the place to be… There is a shiny brass lamp nearby. >>Foof!<<

  9. I make allot of my passwords cigar related . I cant think of anything else…Other than reading listen and watching cigar reviews everyday on an Internet blog lol

  10. I gotta ask. How on earth do you only have 1 character? No alts at all or is this a new account that you just transferred this guy to?

    I quit wow a few months back but a friend of mine got me into DDO. It is a lot more enjoyable with no grinding and it’s free if you want. It is a much more casual type game. MMOs are great social games. I have college friends that I still play with that live all over the world. Sure they are time sinks but so is watching tv or reading blogs. It all just depends on how you like spending your free time.

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