CAO Six One Five (Guest Review)

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CAO Six One Five (Guest Review)

This review comes courtesy of Chris (beaverc32)
from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

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Cigar Facts

Vitola: Churchill
Price: $51 for 5-pack
Wrapper: Criollo-seed Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

The CAO Six One Five was gifted to me by fellow SRFF member, Ray_I, and apparently is only available at UPtown’s Smoke Shop. Fortunately they are available for purchase both online and via phone order.

The cigar I was so generously gifted has a slight oily sheen on the fairly dark brown wrapper. Several thick veins run throughout the length of the cigar, and the aroma is a mild hay. Pinch test reveals no soft spots, although there is a “flaw” at the foot of the cigar where the wrapper has slightly cracked. However, this is likely due to shipping conditions this cigar suffered and is only a minor detraction from the overall appearance. After I clip the cigar with my trusty guillotine cutter, I am welcomed with a free draw containing only a slight resistance. I can’t say I get much flavor in the prelight draw, other than a very mild spice.

Flavors start off with what I would describe as “tangy”, with a bit of sweetness that lingers on the palette. There is a bit of cedar as well. These flavors remain fairly consistent throughout the entire length of the smoke, but picks up with some cocoa mid-way through. I would likely have preferred a smaller vitola since the flavors didn’t alter very much, but overall it was a tasty smoke.

Construction wise, this stogie didn’t require a single touch-up. Burn line and draw remained terrific throughout, and that was while smoking it in a 50 degree room on a mild November afternoon.

Overall, I enjoyed this cigar, but for the price point I wouldn’t say it is something I will seek out any time soon.

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17 thoughts on “CAO Six One Five (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review Beav!

    Sounds like something I would not go out of my way to try either. I wonder if the “tang” would go away with some humi time.


  2. This site sucks now. All it is is guest reviews and worthless cigar shop ratings that no one truly cares about. Oh but wait, don’t let me forget to mention the accessory reviews.

    Walt hasn’t done a video review for weeks and neither has Jerry. This is getting pretty weak

  3. You know , I don’t comment here much. But Bill, that is the dumbest comment I have seen on here.

    I think the guest reviews are a great way for others to share their favorite cigars at the moment. And a great way for a small cigar review site, to get some people to read them. Being that this site is the Grand Daddy of Cigar review sites, I think it reflects what Walt,Jerry and Brian aren’t, and thats a bunch cigar snobs like some others out there.

    Great review by the way!

  4. Dear Bill –

    I’m sorry you think the site sucks. Technically speaking I haven’t done a review in 12 days. I hardly see that as “weeks”. There is a lot of excitement in the SR family with my new baby girl, Walt and his wife expecting, the holidays, not to mention our day jobs and the wintery weather, it leaves a very small window to get things done.

    If you honestly can’t understand those facts and think SR is getting weak how about you go start your own site and find out yourself how much of a balancing act it is.

  5. Bill,

    Your comment is ridiculous. Blogs are for fun, they are free to view, and it is a LOT of work to keep one going. Cut them some slack.

    Jerry, Walt and Brian,

    Keep doing what you’re doing. The site is great, and while I would like to see more video reviews for you guys, I understand you have lives outside of SR.

  6. I vote that we ban Bill’s dumb ass for life. It is incredibly hard to keep up with day jobs, new babies, babies on the way, etc. and still find time outside of having a “real life” to write & record reviews.

    Guys, keep doing what you do. As a real fan of your work, I appreciate what goes into it.

    -Da Byrdman-

  7. Well, I noticed that Bill made no mention of Brian. Obviously he thinks he (Brian) is doing a fine job.

    This alone proves that Bill obviously has no idea what he is talking about. I mean any guy that is a self proclaimed J.Fuego whore clearly has no business on a Reveiw blog!

    I personally like seeing the fan forum reviews. I actually prefer them to the cigar shop reviews, but realize that there are limited quantities to pull from.

    Keep up the good work fellas!

  8. Well Bill, this is hands down the best cigar review site on the web. It’s very easily the most honest, most likable, and most easily related with by those who aren’t snobs, casual smokers, or Cuban-only types (yes, this is all my opinion, but it’s all true, damn it!). If you don’t like the site, maybe you should follow Jerry’s advice. Like he said, they’re with child, expecting child, and well, who knows what the fuck Brian does…lol (j/k). They do this because they love cigars and want to share their opinions with others who are down to earth and appreciative of this hobby. If you’re unhappy with the guest reviews and/or shop reviews, maybe you should head to the forums and contribute your own commentary so that you have something you want to read?

    On to the review, nicely done, Chris (and I see you also have the Smiley Humidor from CI…lol)

  9. Man there is no end to the cigars CAO makes on the sly. I was curious about the name. It looks like 615 is a reference to the Nashville, TN area code, which is where both Uptown Smoke Shop and CAO’s headquarters can be found. Fun trivia.

    And thanks for the review Beav. Sorry it got hijacked to expound upon how much Jerry and Walt suck, and by virtue of omission, how fantastic my work is. LOL

  10. Thanks for using my review guys. Glad most of you enjoyed it.

    I must have been living under a rock because I was not aware that Walt and his wife have a child on the way (even though I follow his personal blog). Congrats Walt!

    1. Chris,
      I didn’t come out and say point blank “I’m expecting”. I made it public in the Special Occasion Cigar article a few days back but you had to discern it from the photos I posted along with the article.

      Thanks for putting together the review. I stuck out on the forums because of the name, it was the first I’ve heard of this CAO House Blend.


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