Diesel – Unholy Cocktail

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Diesel – Unholy Cocktail

Diesel Unholy Cocktail

The latest release from AJ Fernandez, maker of the Man O’War Series, has been the focus of my eye for awhile. Between the juicy images and mouth watering description in the CI/Cigar.com catalog and the buzz on Twitter, I couldn’t wait any longer to weigh in on the Unholy Cocktail aka the Diesel.

Video runs about 14:30 minutes and along with giving my take on the Diesel, I also spend a few minutes to answer a question from Lou about how much time it takes to do a video review. Hands down the Diesel Unholy Cocktail is a must for your humidor. Don’t fiddle around with buying a 5 pack, save yourself on shipping and buy your box of 30 now. At around $3.50 and the raw flavors, the Diesel has definitely carved out a section as a staple in my humidor right next to the Man O’War Ruination. Now to the million dollar question, is the Diesel better than the Ruination? In my opinion, no. The Diesel seems to be a hybrid between the Rocky Patel Winter Collection and the MoW Ruination. There are definitely characteristics in each that pop up in the Unholy Cocktail but the Diesel is a little more raw and rustic where the MoW Ruination to me is more refined. When you’re done with my review, head over and check out Ben’s review over at Nice Tight Ash.

Correction: In the video I make reference to the RP Winter Collection 2010. I know that no such thing exists. My mind was freezing and so I kept saying Winter Collection 2010 or whatever so whenever you hear me say that, I really mean the new Patel Bros. I blame the cold weather. LOL.

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15 thoughts on “Diesel – Unholy Cocktail

  1. “Defrost my nuts” — LOL, I vote this for the “Jerry’s phrase of the year” award!

    Nice review, I am going to order some of these once I clear out room in the humidor. Can’t wait to try them.

  2. Great review – taking one for the team sitting in the cold 🙂

    I actually have never tried the Ruination yet so I would not be able to compare this at all to it. I do think I saw these locally but figured they would kill me and passed them over. I may have to give them a second look. I wonder how my local store got them, guess they ordered online and are selling them at a higher price? I will definitely have to check it out.


  3. Rough cigar loaded with dry notes of black coffee and leather and oaky red wine notes, like licking the inside of an old charred wine barrel (if they charred wine barrels, which they don’t for good reason). I find it very similar to all the other dry-woody flavored Fernandez blends. Not as strong as you’d think from the hype. No finesse, no complexity, just bold flavor and spice.

    1. Sigh. I tried this this morning, and a couple Ruinations a while back, and unfortunately didn’t like either. I liked bits of the Diesel, but Vince’s description fits my experience. The draw and burn were great, but most of it was a charred flavour (the very beginning, the sweet-sour wine flavour, which was good, and the end the odd puff had some sort of sweetness, but no other flavours aside from those and the spicey charred taste).

      I didn’t find the Diesel too strong, and it sounds like there’s a good split between those who like it and those who don’t. Give one a try before deciding.


  4. Jerry,
    I think your estimate is pretty good in regards to time. Since I’m a slow smoker, that hour and fifteen-minutes can be bumped up to about two hours per cigar for me. Factor in the writing, photos, importing, uploading, encoding, research, etc…. I’m probably between 8 and 12 hour per week for a typical video review. The short ashes reviews take far less time, maybe 4 hours in all (smoking, encoding, uploading, posting, etc…)

    The cigar sounds interesting, I’m going to have to see if I can get my hands on one or two the next time I run up to Cigars International.

  5. The Unholy Cocktail has qucikly become a go-to cigar for me. Just smoked my last one on Sunday, so a box purchase is not too far off. Thanks for the review.

  6. Very nice review Jerry. These look like they are quite tasty – definitely something I will be looking into soon. One question I had when you do make your video reviews, what kind of camera do you use to film? Do you stick with your laptop’s camera or do you have another option?

  7. Great Reviews, for a stogie like this, it sounds somewhat similar to a Padron. I found that my 2 year old Padron 26 #35 had this concentrated flavor, it pairs great with the Goose Island Bourbon County 2009 which I bought from the Rodman’s down in DC on Wisconsin ave, if what you say about this stogie then I might have to pick up a box of it on your suggestion.

  8. Great review, of course.

    I smoked one of those shortly after they came out, and although I liked it, I thought it was a bit “raw” as you put it. To me the flavors just didn’t quite mesh together exactly right. In short, I felt like it needed some age.

    I’ve let the rest sit, and am smoking my 2nd now. I’m enjoying this A LOT at the moment. The spice + chocolate characteristics of the wrapper are more pronounced, and the blend just seems to flow better now to me. Rich and tasty with more than a bit of sass. I thought it was good before, but now I think might be one of the best full-bodied values on the market at retail price.

    I still think the Runiation is a better cigar over all, but this PA Broadleaf is growing on me!

  9. Really enjoy this cigar..Kept it out of the hunidor for 3 days…Very full bodied from the the get go..Earthy and coffee,,,Middle was a bit mellower..Ended with the earthy and coffee ground taste…Full body. I like it very much. Taste like your smoking a pile of earth in heaven….Good smoke tonight, Lots of nicotine flavor.

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