La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial (Guest Review)

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La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial (Guest Review)

This review comes courtesy of Dave (dk_fxn)
from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

Brand: La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial
Vitola: Lancero
Size: 7 ½ x 38
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: ~$9

This Lancero is produced in limited quantaties by Pepin Garcia and is available in boxes of ten along with the San Cristobal Lancero which you can see me review here

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Pre-Light Inspection:

This stick is firm and very veiny. The wrapper itself has a strong barnyard aroma and the scent at the foot is very sweet. The draw on this sucker was on the tight side, but you can’t usually expect much else from the lancero vitola.

First Third:

The initial puff after lighting revealed flavors that were herbal with some slight hints of tea. Not too bad in my opinion, but later on in the first third, the flavors were vegetal and on the bitter side of things. Not so bitter that I couldn’t pull through, but bitter none-the-less. Transitioning out of the first third, the flavors were very woodsy.

Second Third:

At this point, the smoke was smoother and creamy (I hate using that word as a reference, but alas, that is what it was). At this point, the flavors were hidden and tougher to determine. There was some definite leather and wood in this part of the cigar.

Third Third:

Usually the final third is the best part of a cigar, however this is not the case with the LADCEE. Flavors present here were very faint and almost non-descript. Often if I’m not paying attention to what I am smoking, I don’t pick up on a cigar’s nuances. I was paying attention here and there were no nuances.


Ok, I am going to go as far to say that I am disappointed that this lancero shares the same box as the San Cristobal Lancero. I’m even more disappointed that I dropped $9 on what could best be described as a yard-gar in my opinion. The best way to describe the two cigars is simple; the San Cristobal Lancero is that girl in the bar that you have to woo with pricey martinis and stories of your sweet car that happens to be in the shop right now and the LADCEE is the girl who’s already got one foot in the passenger’s side of your car before you’ve even paid for her Mich Ultra. Simply put, it’s quality vs. ease. I very well could’ve had a dud, but I’m not smoking one of these unless I get it for free. Whereas, I’d be happy to spring for another San Cris Lancero anytime.

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4 thoughts on “La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial (Guest Review)

  1. The same thing happened to me with the 4.5×42 Minutos. I got one for my lunch break and figured with the Ashton/Pepin combo (as with the other La Aroma De Cuba and San Cristobals) i was in for a treat, especially after the praise it got from cigar aficionado too. Holts really let me down with this one, as instead of a treat, it ruined my lunch. I dont think i was expecting too much either, beings that all i was expecting was enjoyment (considering i paid almost 7 bucks after tax for a cigar not much bigger than a middle finger, i dont think thats too much to ask).

    This review is dead on. I was hoping i got a dud, but my hope is now dwindling. I guess its possible that this cigar just doesn’t shine in a thin ring gauge, but i can’t imagine how more of the same tobacco could be a good thing.

  2. With my review and the comment above being said, I have to note that I’ve had the LADCEE in a larger ring vitola and really enjoyed it. This could just be a blend that doesn’t work with a smaller ring. Stranger things have happened.

    Thanks guys for posting!


    1. Wow, i’m really glad you said that. I guess it can’t be impossible, i’ll have to go grab the belicoso and check it out.

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