Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial

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Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial

Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial Toro - 1

I am doing my first solo video review on the Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial for your viewing pleasure. These cigars are bundle cigars and come in 3 sizes, Robusto (50 x 5.00), Toro (52 x 6.00) and a Torpedo (5 x 5.50). These cigars are made in Honduras using a Dominican binder, a Honduran wrapper, and of course, a Cameroon wrapper. Strength profile will be mild-medium. I am going to be smoking the toro size for this review.

When smoking a bundle cigar, I think you have to give certain platitudes to the cigar itself. I dont think you will ever find a perfect Davidoff style cigar, nor should you for this price point. I also think you should be aware that you may have some construction and burn issues as well. Once you watch the video, I hope you will understand these points a lot better and be able to handle yourself properly if you ever have the same issues.

As I felt the cigar for the pre-light inspection, it felt firm, but nothing really out of hand. I noticed a few veins and some of those were a bit large (see above statement about bundle cigars). Whenever I smell these cigars I tend to only smell the sweet tobacco of the cameroon wrapper and nothing else, so we leave that alone. I clipped the cap, a few times, and noticed there were some draw issues that I hoped would go away as I smoked further into the cigar. I flicked the creme brulee lighter to life and sparked the cigar up with ease. First few puffs were a little resistant, but I was hopeful. First tastes out of the cigar were the sweet tobacco and a bit of nuttiness.

While smoking this cigar, I would continue to get the nutty sweetness through out, but i had some major problems along the way. I had a super tight draw on this cigar that would not let up. I used my poker a few times, clipped the head, etc and I could not get it to loosen up. During the video you will see where a chunk fell out of the middle of the cigar as I tried to tap the ash off to do a touch up. Flavors are consistent throughout this cigar and this is the worst bout i have ever had with any cigar in my entire smoking life. I even got a bit of a whistle out of the cigar, but you will have to watch to figure that one out.

I highly recommend this cigar even with all of the trouble I had with it. I did not break everything into thirds because there really was no way to try and justify it with this cigar. I could have threw this one out and rerecorded the review, but I thought this is the way things happen sometimes, so I just went with it. Go out and buy yourself a bundle or so, or pick up a few singles from your local b&m if they carry them. If you like cameroon wrappers, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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I am just me.

27 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial

  1. that chair looks sweeeet. how many times have u fallen asleep in that! lol

    good job poppin the cherry on solo review and on the cigar ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Great job Mike! Excellent write up, great details and description of the flavors! Glad to see you a part of SR; yet one more reason to check out SR, as if we needed any more reasons! Excellent job, congrats brother!

  3. Mike,
    Great job on your first review. I know you were worried about seeming a little nervous, don’t be, it doesn’t take long to get over it and before long it will seem natural to talk to the camera.

  4. Great job Mike!! Glad to see you coming on board. Man, that chair looks comfortable. You gotta tell me how you convinced the wife to let you smoke inside. I’ve tried and tried and it’s a no win for me. Anyway, keep up the great reviews…

    1. I was just gonna leave it too a little head shake and a bit of malicious chuckling, but since The Don has left a comment, I will too. LOL

      Good work man.

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but it was oddly suspenseful. I was expecting a cat to fly across the room or fall on you, claws extended, at any moment. I don’t know why. But I couldn’t stop watching. LOL

  5. Hi Mike…Very nice job. To be honest I have no intention or wish to smoke that cigar but…that chair! Man…I would never leave the house.

  6. Nice job Mike. I enjoyed the review. You gave me anxiety smoking that when you wanted to pitch it. Pitch it and start the review over. No one will know you deleted the first file, lol

  7. Nice review. My favorite Cameroon would be a Fuente Best Seller or Short Story. I prefer the Oliva Serie G Cameroon to the Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial as my budget friendly Cameroon.

  8. nice video review. was expecting you to take a laundry break mid review BUT you managed to wait that out! haha. Nice review. You would make all the indians in this world proud.

  9. thank you for the review…i purchased a bundle online for $47.95….just received them tonight…toasted it up while watching your review…i experienced a very tight draw as well…started with a punch, then went to the cutter…still tough draw…inspired by you, i went to the kitchen for a kabob bamboo skewer…poked it a few times…its a little better now…i’m wondering if you pushed up an entire bundle of filler and created that blockage you encountered?..half way through this, i’m noticing my wrapper is broken in several areas, but i heard it cracking in my poking process, so i was expecting it…i am getting a little frustrated myself, which is adversely affecting my normal relaxation and enjoyment of smoking a cigar in the first place…that is a big reason i smoke…to relax and get away from the day’s frustrations….i’m hoping there are some better smokes in the bundle, if not, i will not purchase them again…and if i get 2-3 more like this in a row…the bundle is going straight in the trash…we will see…thanks again

    1. I would not give up on them yet. Try letting them rest in your humidor for a week.

      I know with shipping in the winter up North, where I am, it can cause havoc on a cigar and it takes a bit of time to acclimate to your conditions.

      I have not had one of these in a long time now as I have been focusing more on getting review sticks than smokes just for myself. I may have to snag a bundle of these soon and revisit an old friend to see if it, or my palette, has changed.

      Hope you let everyone know how you experience is after letting them sit a bit.

  10. My favorite inexpensive cigar (all 3 sizes). Have gone through many bundles and never came across a problem cigar like yours. Tough to beat a good smoke that cost less than $2.40 !!!!!!

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