Gurkha Empire Series Wrap Up

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Gurkha Empire Series Wrap Up

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Here we are at the end of the six Gurkha Empire cigar series and I really had fun doing them in a row like this. Here are quick links for any refreshers you would like…

Here is the copy and paste from Cigar’s International website about the Gurkha Empire Series.

Gurkha Empire I

Empire I: Employs a dark Honduran Habano wrapper and aged, long-leaf ligeros from Nicaragua and Peru to deliver a bold array of sweet, earthy nuances with a touch of black pepper on the finish. Medium.

Gurkha Empire II

Empire II: A 6-year-old combination of Cuban-seed long-leaf ligeros from the Dominican resides within a dark Connecticut wrapper. The flavor is earthy and Cuban-esque with sweet tobacco and cedar on the finish. Medium.

Gurkha Empire III

Empire III: Superior Costa Rican Maduro wrappers combine with vintage Dominican and Honduran long-fillers to promote a rich core of chocolatey goodness finished by a toasty and sweet finish. Mild to medium.

Gurkha Empire IV

Empire IV: A jet-black Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper conceals a bold recipe of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-leaf ligeros. Big, meaty flavors coat the palate followed by a rich series of oak and toast. Medium.

Gurkha Empire V

Empire V: A complex mixture of long-fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico mingle within a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to deliver a buttery array of cream, sweet tobacco, cedar, and white pepper. Mild to medium.

Gurkha Empire VI

Empire VI: Hand-selected Brazilian wrappers hug a robust blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos. The smoke is layered by roasted notes, hints of coffee, cocoa, and a sweet finish. Medium to full.

I think all in all the descriptions are on track with what I got, mostly. I did have a few problems with ammonia and some nasty finishes, but overall, I did enjoy them.

I am doing my first giveaway with this series, so if you want a chance to win one of each of the six cigars in this series, you should watch the video to find out how to enter. (Mean aint I hah) Also in the video I did not know when this would be posted, so with this going up Saturday February 27nd, 2010, I will pick a winner on March 7th, 2010. I may be at an event on the 6th, so we will give an extra day. All entries will be taken up until March 6th, 2010 at midnight and I will draw a winner on March 7th, 2010.

I will say I liked V the best.

That is all, good night.

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I am just me.

29 thoughts on “Gurkha Empire Series Wrap Up

  1. I think I’d probably prefer the VI the best. I knew when you started to review this series that either the IV or VI would be up my alley, and from your reviews I can see the VI is probably the way to go, lol. The V looks really good though, but most of the time I like to smoke a full-bodied cigar. I think that’s because I mostly smoke at night, so I want something a little more robust after eating dinner.

    And another suggestion would be to do the Perdomo 10th Anniversary line. Well Perdomo pretty much has 3 different types of cigars for each line they come out with, like the Habano, Lot 23, and the Grand Cru as well.

  2. Great reviews love this web site. From what you reviewed I would have to say the Gurkah III would be my favorite. I love Maduro’s, the chocolate and leathery flavors are right in my wheel house as far as flavor profile’s go.

  3. Thanks for all the hard work smoking all those stix. I might have to say the VI with a little age on them. I like higher power stix the rest would seem to me to be a little flat.

    The series thing sounds like a good idea.

  4. Grear collection of reviews. I have been hesitant to go after From your video reviews it seems like I would really enjoy Empire V or maybe Empire II depending on the time of day and drinks….

  5. Mike,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews on the Gurkha Empire series. I also enjoy your video reviews, particularly the Zino, where you bow over the porcelain fixture at the end! I, too, am a newbie – only a few months into it – so I can relate to your photo at the end of the Zino vid. I really like the flavors that a medium-to-full bodied smoke delivers but I just can’t ‘stomach’ the strength of them. I guess I’ll just have to keep lighting them up to build up a tolerance for them.

    Getting back to the Gurkha Empire series, I have never smoked a Gurkha, although I do have one Black Dragon resting in my modest humidor. Seeing as how most of the Empire series are stronger cigars, I would venture to say that I would try the V first. I get somewhat apprehensive when lighting up something stronger because I don’t want to get that nauseating feeling. But I do think I would like the flavors the rest of the series has to offer. Bottom line: I WANT FREE CIGARS! Happy smoking, Mike. I look forward to seeing more of your reviews in the future.

  6. I bought a 5-er each of the I and the IV and I intended to let them age for a bit, but the next day I couldn’t resist the urge to try the IV. I expected this one to be my favorite since it has the Arapi&%&ca (?) wrapper which is the same wrapper used on the Brazilia, one of my favorite smokes. I enjoyed it, especially for $3 and I would definiteley buy it again, but I would like to see what they are like after a few months of aging. If the I is just as good I can see ordering the other four.

    Not to resurrect the Gurkha debate but I have never had a BAD Gurkha. (The Triple Ligero was a bit much for me but that’s just smoking preference.) I’m smoking the Gurkha Assassin now and loving it, and as long as they continue to put out quality cigars for a reasonable price I will continue to buy them.

    They have the reputation of a “status” brand but think about this: I LOVE CAO’s like the Mx2, Brazilia and now the La Traviata, and I dig their new blue collar ad campaign, but most of their prices don’t exactly scream blue collar. I’m a blue collar guy, and I splurge on CAO, Montecristo White, Rocky, etc… but I stock my humidor with Gurkha, and will continue to do so as long as they keep running those 5 pack frenzies and whatnot. Thanks for the reviews, I was curious to hear somebody else’s thoughts on these!

  7. I would have to say the V (number 5). Not because it is your favorite but I always enjoy cigars with creamy and sweet tastes (777, rp vintage 11992, cabiguan) more than anything. Great reviews, it was great that you did the series all at once and were able to really compare them back and forth.

    Keep up the good work

  8. Nice to make a series of reviews. I enjoy the compare and contrast of each. I think I’d probably like the VI the best. With the V or the III second.

  9. I feel like I’d enjoy the V the most, just because I’m into the milder cigars now. I’ve had Gurkha’s before but they all kicked my ass (so to speak) with the nicotine, however the flavor was really good. I’m very interested in the V, may have to pick up a five pack

  10. Mike,
    Im with you on the five, I think i would that the best … I like cigars with coffee…occasionally a beer at night…..Keep up the good work…I like your perspective because you seem to like mild to medium cigars…

  11. Mike,
    I have both the four and The six and although I haven’t yet smoked them I fedel that they are the best fit for my profile. I really enjoy a strong full flavored and bodied cigar as I find them to be the more fulfilling experience. I do however enjoy a good mild cigar from time to time and the five just may fit that bill nonetheless. Anyway a great review and I enjoyed actually seeing a review of some Gurkhas since I happen to own so many and have never been dissapointed by one, yet I don’t typically see any Gurkha review here at the stogiereview. Anyway Great review overview and Keep smoking.

  12. Mike, I really liked the whole series concept. I think you should definately do it again in the future. I think I would Enjoy the VI the most because I tend to like fuller bodied cigars. I think the III would be a close second. Keep up the good work.

  13. Hey Mike

    Great reviews and I really like the idea of reviewing the whole series, one after the other. I watched each of the reviews and based solely on the reviews I think I would prefer the Gurkha VI. I haven’t smoked any of these cigars so can’t say for sure but would love to try!

  14. Good job Mike…you might get more comment love if you dressed like an elf or did your final review out in the snow…or….wait…that Jerry guy beat ya to it! Nevermind!! LOL

    From your reviews I would think I’d like VI the best, but the overall amonia and loose ash issues that seemed to be a recurring theme with this line do make me pause. While resting 6 months to a year would probably eliminate the amonia, I think most of us like a nice tight ash.

    On a side note: You could have done your wrap-up smoking an Empire V, not as an additional review, but more as atmosphere and a tribute to your favorite of the line. Up next?? Maybe you should do the whole White Owl line: Grape, Peach, Strawberry, etc. LOL

  15. Like I said on the last one, I would love to see these series reviews up again. I thought it was awesome mike.

    I think my flavor profile would lean towards the Empire I. But maybe the VI too, not sure. Only way to tell is to smoke em.

  16. Great reviews Mike, you should definitely do another series. Maybe take the Arganese Connecticut,Cameroon,Maduro, and Nicaraguan as series.

    Regarding the Gurkha series I’m mostly like my cigars on the medium strength side. So my favorite probably will be the Empire II.

    Keep the reviews coming, I know I enjoy learning from you guys


  17. Initially, before you started, I expected that I’d like III the best, since it appeared to be the more tame of the six strength wise. But, after watching your reviews, I’d probably go w/ V as well, especially since you and I seem to have the same strength preferences. Great stuff Mike!

  18. Hey Mike thanks for the great reviews of this line.When i first read about these cigars I felt that the III and the V would be the ones i would like to smoke.After your reviews I still feeel that they would best fit my taste profile. thanks for the good work.

  19. I haven’t smoked any of this series, but I really think the VI would be more to my liking. They all look great though! Thanks for the reviews, they have helped me develop my collection.

  20. I’ve been smoking the Empire Series for about 2 months and reordered twice. My favs are the IV and VI since I like the Brazilian wrapper. It is one of my ‘go-to’ stogies along with the MX2 and CAO Brazilia

  21. I really liked the reviews you did Mike!
    As for the one I’d like to taste:
    nr. III for my morning coffee,
    nr. IV in the afternoon… a bit of toast is great then 😉
    nr. VI after dinner,

    Great way to end a perfect day!

    Keep them reviews coming (also the combined ones are cool but those might take up too much time scheduling)!!!!

    As for the series you might try the 601 (red, green, black & blue) by EO?

  22. Thanks Mike,
    I really enjoy getting feedback/reviews from people who have or are actually smoking these sticks. Too often I’ve been burned (literally) by simply reading and trusting the descriptions given. Being a smoker of mostly Maduros, I have a feeling I would like the Series VI. I love the Gurkha Black Dragon Robusts but those bad boys are just outta my price range.
    I think it would be a GREAT idea reviewing another series. Your thoughts on doing some of the Famous Smoke or Cigar International brands is a GREAT idea. Some of them could be the golden treasures we’ve all been waiting to uncover.
    GREAT job Mike and keep up the good work.
    Mark Zientek
    Cary, IL

  23. Somehow I missed this whole series of reviews. After going back and going over them, I have to say the vi sounds pretty good. I would love to see you go over the CI Legends series, I’ve always been curious about them. Great reviews.

  24. Great reviews Mike!

    I think that the IV would be the one I would most enjoy. I really enjoy the dark Brazilian wrappers. Number I would probably be the second.

    As far as series if you could get a hold of a box what about the CAO Cuban Press?

  25. After looking at the reviews I would say that I would prefer 1 the most. It sounded like a cigar I would buy at first look. Great review and I would like to see a review of maybe the Famous Cigars series with the big companies like camacho, cusano , ect . That were made for them. again great review.

  26. Congrats to JoshK he is the lucky guy whose name came up in the randomizer program!

    Congrats on the win. I will be sending you an email momentarily to get your information.


  27. So I finally got to try all of the sampler over the last few weeks. Here are the quick hits.

    – I was suprised by the relative quality of this line. I wasn’t expecting much from a relatively cheap Gurkha. Not perfect but consistent.
    -The size was more of a toro then a robusto. They took about 1 hour 20 min to smoke them.
    -The burn was wavy but usually corrected itself without relighting. A few of them tunneled some but I chaulk that up to the high humidity the last 2 weeks.
    -Ash was mostly tight and held for over an inch.
    -The bands where huge, covering 1/2 the cigar. Howeber both foot and head where increadibly easy to remove. The foot band had no glue at all.

    In my original post I theorized I’d like the IV, then V and III. None of them where great, but they where mostly decient. Turns out I rate this like this (3-2-5-1-4-6).
    I – ok
    II – good
    III – good
    IV – fair
    V – ok
    VI – meh

    I’m not I will be buying a box of any of them. But I would smoke the II and III again if I ran across them.

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