Cain Habano (Guest Review)

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Cain Habano (Guest Review)

Cain Habano

Cigar: Cain Habano
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Vitola: Robusto 5.7×50
Price: Was a bit over eight bucks at my local shop. Better prices found online.


Setting: Garage, about 55 degrees out, 6:30pm, having a Peach Snapple.

Pre-light: The cigar has a nice chocolatey brown wrapper with a few prominent veins. The cigar is fairly lumpy with lots of firm and soft spots. The wrapper and foot have a nice barnyard smell with a touch of spice. The cap cut easily using the Cranial Screwtop Method. The cold draw had a nice slight resistance but with less flavor than I was expecting from the smell.


First Third: The cigar lit up pretty easily, but the body of the smoke is very thin. The initial flavors are a bit charry, but that might come from my bad lighting habits. The other flavors are earthy with a touch of spice. Though not appearing to be very oily, the cigar leaves an oily feeling on the lips as you smoke it. As I get about an inch in, the body of the smoke starts to pick up. The burn line was pretty wonky off the bat so I gave it a bit of a touchup. The finish is short with a bit of bitterness and spice, but not necessarily bad. The burn continues to be a bit wonky, but the ash is nice and tight and compact.


Second Third: Well, complexity is not this cigars strong suit. The flavors are pretty much the same earthy/charry ones from the first third, though it’s not a bad flavor. The body continues to be just on the light side of medium. I know these are supposed to be a strong stick, but the vitamin N doesn’t seem to be hitting yet. As I get past the halfway point to body really picks up, but other than that not much new happening. Burn continues a bit wonky, but self correcting.


Final Third: Well, still more of the same but the body really picked up. Starting to feel the strength a bit too. The char taste to the smoke has faded a bit, and it’s just earthy. The burn stayed pretty straight for the final third.

Final Thoughts: Well, overall it was a pretty decent cigar. I think it would do really well with some time on it. I’m not feeling the urge to rush out and get more, but would pick some up if they popped up on Joe.

Liked it: It was OK
Recommend: Sure
Buy again: Maybe at joe prices

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9 thoughts on “Cain Habano (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review…pretty much what I got when I smoked a few. I will pass on these and wait for the Cain Nub!

  2. Great review. I am not too impressed from what you have expressed in your review and I have read a few others that had the same result. I guess I’ll save my hard earned cash and spend it on a different stick.

  3. Nice interview Bro!
    I’ve tried several of these cigars, but for some reason it just doesn’t do it for me. For my taste the Nub Habano is the best of Sam’s offerings, at least for the moment. I have smoked 2 boxes of those and I really enjoy them. I’ll give the Cain NUb a shot when it’s available…

  4. Good review! The experience I got from smoking the cain line is that the maduro and the F didn’t seem to have flavors that stood out and the body dominated over the flavor. IMO the closest to a balance between flavor and body is the habano, but not much flavor to work with.

  5. Ha, the review was the Habano, I just screwed up the title on the forum and couldn’t change it. Wish Walt would have read the second post. 😀

    Thanks guys, and yeah, I’m interested in trying the F.

    1. No, it wasn’t Walt’s fault – it was that damn new guy *DOH*

      I fixed it now – even read it was the habano because that is the one I smoked during an event LMAO.

      There goes my weekly $50,000 paycheck


  6. My only Cain Habano was a 6×60, and although that’s usually not my favorite size for a cigar, I thought it was a great stick with very nice flavor! I smoked it right after another cigar, too, so I was surprised by how much flavor I got from it. I had that thing in my humidor for at least 4-5 months, so that might have helped.

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