La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Matatan

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La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Matatan

I’ve got a treat for those of you who can’t get enough video cigar reviews. Once again I’ve teamed up with Rich Meade (aka “BootyRockRich“), a regular on the Stogie Review Forums, to bring you a joint review of the new La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Matatan.

One of the fun things about talking cigars with Rich is the fact we usually have very different opinions. So when we arrived at a similar verdict in our last video, we were a little disappointed. And a little worried. Neither of us exhibited any signs of a concussion, so crossed our fingers and hoped it was a fluke. Was it? You’ll just have to check out the video and see. (And don’t forget to submit your entry for the giveaway!)

(A contest winner will be selected on March 17th, 2010.)

Cigar Stats:
Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Habano
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Beverage: Water
Source: Purchased by reviewers
Price: MSRP $7.00

From Jerry’s First Look at the Air Bender:

The Air Bender features a Ecuadoran Habano wrapper along with a Dominican binder and filler. Litto has been buying this wrapper and aging it for awhile and has used it successfully in other lines like the La Flor Dominicana Salomon and the Double Press but the La Flor Dominicana Air Bender will be the first to use it on a regular production line… The Air Bender will initially be available in four sizes with more sizes to come: The Matatan (5×50 – $7) . The Guerrero (6.25×54 – $7.75). The Maestro (5.5×52 – $7.25). The Valiente (6.25×60 – $8.25).

Contest winner: Joe(capnpfff)!

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42 thoughts on “La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Matatan

  1. Excellent review, How long did you guys let those age before breaking them out? Maybe that middle part will get better for you Brian if it’s left aging a bit more. I got one of those but after watching the review I think I’m gonna wait a little bit more time before picking it up. Were those cigars a bit too firm or no? Secret word is Chinoi LOL, 4:38 into the review. LFD makes real good smokes and I get that sweet raisin-y type of taste in their cigars too on the cold draw that you picked up on it Rich. Good stuff there fellas.

  2. Hi Brian, may I say on behalf of the unofficial Brian Hewitt fan club, (for which I am founder, co-founder, chairman, secretary, vice president and treasurer), Nice review.
    I am afraid that I have to be honest and say that I think that the other guy is holding you back a little but all credit to you for giving the poor fellow a chance!. Cheers and take care.

  3. Nice review. I love the dual reviews 🙂

    I wont look for these just because of the power. I am wondering what type of soap it was. Could you please buy a bunch of soap products and swish them around in your mouth to give us an answer? Thanx =)


  4. Is it me or is there a resemblance between booty rock and Philip Seymour Hoffman?

    You guys are like yin and yang….

    Nice review.

  5. Great review guys, I like the idea of having two different viewpoints. Sounds like I may like this, I like the stronger smokes especially the LFD DL. Guess I’ll have to find a way to try it myself. Keep up the good work.

    My contest entry: chinwa 4:38

  6. Nice review again guys. Volume was a little low, maybe an external mic might help you guys out?

    I’m curious to try these now that you both had such different opinions.

    Secret word: Chinoi (Is that how you spell it? lol) at about 4:39

  7. Nice review guys. This is one I had on my short list to try. I enjoy LFD’s but have found the more recent offerings have been “toned-down” quite a bit from the sticks offered in the past. With such a stark difference in opinion, I may have to move this one down on the list.

  8. Great review guys wish we had a buckhead here but that would not fit with smoking bans. That looked like a great cigar so the pleasure is in the review.

  9. Great review guys! I’ve smoked 8-10 of them and I really like them, especially the Valiente size. I haven’t ever gotten a soapy flavor out of them.

    I’m going to go with chin-wa as the secret word at 4:38.

  10. im gonna have to give this a try as well and the correct spelling of the secret word is “chinois” at 4:38

  11. Thank you for the review. New to the hobby I have yet to try any LFD lines (I have a Limitado III awaiting a light). It’s good to see that you guys are back to disagreement. I’m really looking forward to trying this cigar and Rich’s review overall; even the 2nd third (unsoapy), sounded very much down my alley.

    Thanks again for the review and the contest. I will be on the bandwagon and go with chinois at 4:38. You did after all say it 4 times between yourselves. 😛

  12. Okay I’ll play. I think that the best spelling so far was: Chinwaa occuring around the 4:38 time frame. I haven’t taseted soap before….well now that I think about it….

    Thanks for the review.

  13. I just thought about it, and the “soap” flavor is better described technically as Acidic and slightly Floral.

    I’ve run across an Acidic twang in a few cigars, namely the Brickhouse and Room 101. In both of those its more potent and unpleasant. In the case of the Airbender, for me the subtle soapy (acidic and flora) note added complexity, and something else to pay attention to.
    Brian on the other hand seemed to be getting much more of that soapy flavor than I was, not to mention…Brian loves J.Fuego’s… I mean how much can you trust a guy that lives and breathes Gran Reserva Corojo no1’s? lol

  14. first off the word “chinois” at 4:38…and nice review. I would usually frown on anyone agreeing with Brian about anything,but must admit I sometimes do too.Look forward to trying a LFDAIM soon. As usual, great job and thanks…

  15. Hey guys. I did like the review and especially enjoyed the differences in taste you discussed – everybody’s palate is different. The only downside to the video was the distraction and noise in the shop.

    Secret word? Well that’s a secret isn’t it! My guess would be ‘chinois’ first occuring around 4:38.


  16. Good review, seems like the full body wouldn’t be worth the kick for me if the flavor is so light, but I supposed the secret word is CHINWA!! ( 4:38 – 4:40)

  17. Nice review guys. I was looking forward to trying these cigars and if I win the contest, then I won’t have to go and try to hunt them down. Like many others here, I am going with Chinwaa (sp?) at 4:38. Thanks for running the contest.

      1. Sweet. Thanks for holding the contest. This is the first time I won a contest from SR. Sweet. I just got them today. Thanks again.

  18. ok, I have to be different. It’s the Brian in me. Patata is the secret mumbled statement at 11:54

  19. Great review guys. I have to agree with Rich on his portion. I really liked the flavor although it did “cream out” slightly in the middle, but excellent construction & pretty consisten throughout. The secret word is “chinois” & appears at the 4:38 mark.

    Again, great review guys!


  20. I’ve had cigars with a floral taste to them, but never like an actual bar of soap….. Well I guess I’ll take any of those flavors over my cigar tasting like shit, haha.

    My guess is “Chinois” @ 4:38

  21. Nice work you two. Keep doing reviews together. I enjoy the “odd couple” like chemistry lol. Anyways I’m gonna have to submit my guess for the secret word as EITHER “the dark side” (which is actually more of a phrase but I couldn’t deny the star wars reference) at 7: 45 or “SNOOZER” at 8:05 bc it literally made me laugh my ass off. Yes, literally… I’m am now literally without ass… GREAT REVIEW boys. Peace!

      1. Well to some extent I’m completely fine with it… I did after all get to watch a good review. To another extent, however, I am a bit concerned considering I’ll have to put a wallet in each of my back pockets from now on to at least make it look like I still have an ass lol. Thanks again, Brian!

  22. Nice review, guys! My first Air Bender was a Maestro, and it was phenomenal. My 2nd was a Matatan, and it had that “boring” period in the 2nd third that Brian mentions–though I did NOT get that in the Maestro that I smoked.

    I’ve concluded that these need a bit of humi time. That “soapy” element that you guys mentioned–in my limited experience–almost always means the smoke needs age.

  23. Brian,

    I am about to post my own review of the Air Bender, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar opinion as I did. You and I had an identical experience, including the long ash. Great burn, but very little flavor. I thought I was crazy. Anyway, thanks for confirming my reaction. Amazing how different Rich’s experience was. Speaking of which, I also tasted the molasses on the cold draw. (Sort of a molasses-nutmeg mix.) Good video!

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