Camacho Select

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Camacho Select

Camacho Select

Way back in 2007, Walt originally reviewed the Camacho Select. Fast forward to 2010 and the Camacho Select has been through a packaging and blending change. I originally scored two boxes of these Camacho Selects for my silence on not revealing who was behind the Black Band Project.

Last year when I first smoked the Camacho Select it was unbearably awful from the start. It was on the level of 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle as far as dissatisfied. It was pretty much not smokeable. Similar to the 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle I’ve spent the last year trying to get rid of these by including them in many box passes, bombs and to anyone who wanted them. The feedback I got from people after smoking the Camacho Select was surprising. Almost everyone loved them. Many of them actually went out and purchased boxes even though they knew I despised them. Even had a few say they were the greatest cigar they’ve ever smoked. Needless to say this left me wondering…did I have the Camacho Select pegged wronged? Did aging them have this much of an impact?

Video runs 11 minutes and upon lighting the Camacho Select I was presented with a totally different cigar. Were these actually the same Camacho Selects that I thought were unbearable last year? We are talking a total 180 degree turn improvement…BUT…just when I was ready to sing high praises for the Camacho Select, I hit a bump in the road. Eventually that bump in the road turned into a major sinkhole and the rough, sour, harsh flavor of the Camacho Select that I remember from last year reared its ugly head. I’m a big fan of Cameroon wrappers but the Camacho Select has it’s days numbered in my humidor.


9 thoughts on “Camacho Select

  1. It’s unfortunate that the cigar wasn’t good, sometimes it’ll be that way. I just had an Air bender and the smell and cold draw were good but that’s where it ended. Good to hear that Mr. McCruz is good over at Sweden, his followers will be waiting to welcome him back on his visit to SR.

  2. I had one of these guys last September, I love Camaroons, and after hearing alot of good i thought there was something wrong with me for hating this cigar…. At least i’m not alone.

  3. Strictly by coincidence about a week ago my golf buddy and I both pulled these out to enjoy during a round….needless to say neither one of us got to far…….these were bad. Reading this review and comments I guess I am not alone!!


  5. I’d love to take some 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle off your hands, never honestly had ANY 5 Vegas cigars. Always appreciate the reviews!

  6. I tried one recently, straight from the tobacconist’s. It was a robusto extra, I believe (seemed about 5 1/2 x 52 or 54).

    It wasn’t horrible, so no extreme sourness, but it wasn’t incredible. Average, I’d say, and fairly mild flavours. I personally may try 1 again just to make sure, but that’ll be it if I have the same experience.

    I did notice, especially towards the end, that I had to let it sit a long time between puffs, likely 2-3 minutes as opposed to 1-2 minutes. Note, too, I normally prefer stronger-flavoured cigars, which usually but not always means a stronger nicotine content.

    So, I’d say it’s worth trying 1 or 2 for someone who likes a milder flavour, and then deciding for yourself. Note it’s still probably at least medium-bodied (i.e., a medium-amount of nicotine).


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