CAO Gold Perfecto

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CAO Gold Perfecto

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade seed
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Sent from a BOTL

Today I have for you a review that I am shocked has not been done yet in any vitola, the CAO Gold perfecto. This cigar has been around since 1996 and they introduced a maduro in 2007. This particular vitola I am smoking for your, and my, pleasure is an extension of the Tenth Anniversary size that was done in 2006 in a limited edition of 100,000 cigars. They introduced the perfecto size as a full run cigar in 2007.

Here we go with the sizes that are available. Bear with me as the Gold line has eleven different vitolas: Karats (4.00 x 38), Mini (5.00 x 20), Corona (5.50 x 42), Lonsdale (6.50 x 44), Robusto (5.00 x 50), Corona Gorda (6.50 x 50), Churchill (7.00 x 48), Torpedo (6.25 x 52), Double Corona (7.50 x 54), Aurum (6.50 x 50), and the Perfecto (6.00 x 60).

A note before we continue. As I said in the video, this is only my second perfecto size I have had but I have smoked numerous boxes of other sizes, even the 5 count tins (Karat size).



Let’s dive right into this CAO Gold perfecto, shall we. Upon taking a sniff of the wrapper I get reminded of someone baking a pie in the oven. Now it doesn’t smell like dough, but it does remind me of the spice used in pies. Other than that spice scent, which is faint, I only notice natural tobacco.

Upon taking a pre-light puff I am getting only the natural tobacco taste. I might be getting a small amount of that spice, but I am thinking it is still stuck in my head from sniffing the side.

First Third

Starting right in on my CAO Gold perfecto, I notice mostly the natural tobacco taste along with a bit of that spice I can not place.

I will note here that I have trouble lighting the cigars that have nipples. I do not know why, but I always seem to scorch the wrapper up the sides a little bit. I wish I would have gotten some matches and just lit the cigar without toasting, as that may have prevented any trouble I had.

I more note for this section. I also had to clip more off the end of the cigar to get a more open draw.

As I am nearing the end of about the first third the spice has dropped off to be almost non-existent and a woody taste has taken over as the main flavor. I am also getting a bit of nut along with a fairly creamy smoke. I will say, it still has that little twinge to it but for the most part, the smoke really coats the palette.

I make note in the video that i am beginning to wonder if the spice smell and taste at the beginning of the cigar was from something I ate before smoking. I am hoping it comes back later on so I can put that theory to rest. I do not have anything written for the other one I smoked as to it having that spice and all of the other vitolas I smoked, I never took notes as I was not doing reviews at the time.

Second Third

Starting the second third of my CAO Gold perfecto and a nice woody taste is predominate with a bit of a nutty taste in the background. Smoke is still pretty creamy and is burning very well.

Rounding out this second third the woody taste is still in the front while the nuttiness is in the background. Also in this third, the spice I mentioned before came back, so I am either totally insane, or it is actually there.

On the video I ended the second third a bit early but the tastes stayed the same so I will wait till the end for the rest of the video. You are watching me, aren’t you?

Another note in this third, I removed the bands with absolutely no problem at all.

Final Third

Getting ready to finish out my CAO Gold perfecto and so far so good. I am getting the predominate woody taste with nutty and spice characteristics thrown in.

We had a swap of flavors in this final third as the nutty flavor took over the woody taste to become the dominate taste. I am still getting a bit of spice and some of that charred meat taste has crept in.

Cigar stayed cool to the end, which is always a plus in my book. I purge a few times, more towards the end, and everything tasted very nice.


What more can I say about this CAO Gold perfecto, other than it was a really nice mellow cigar.

If you like mild cigars this should be on the must try list. I tend to like the bigger sizes and the double corona is still my favorite vitola out of all.

I think it says something when a cigar has been out 14 years and there have been no changes to the blend (as far as I know).

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I am just me.

13 thoughts on “CAO Gold Perfecto

  1. Nice job Mike!

    I thought these were pretty decent, but not something I really have too much interest in. For a morning smoke I would much rather go with a Camacho or Oliva Connie.

  2. hehe…you said nipple…hehe

    Nice review…lol. I’ve yet to have a Gold, but I think I have one somewhere in one of my humidors that I’ll have to give a try.

  3. Good review, Mike. Gold’s a nice, decent smoke that doesn’t hold a lot of fanfare, but my local B&M told me it is by far the best-selling CAO they carry. To me–with the LX2, MX2, and La Traviata available–that is inexplicable, but it is true. To me, a good cigar and one that I would readily recommend to newbies, but not one that I reach for. I think the only times I’ve had them in the past 4 or 5 years have been when they have come “free” as part of a larger package or giveaway. The Gold Vintage, on the other hand…well, that’s a totally different cigar that I found box-worthy.

    1. and the weird thing is, I did not care for the Vintage at all. Now I only had like 5 of them in one vitola. I will have to revisit them just to make sure.

  4. Thanks for the good review, Mike. I’m curious if your wood notes are cedar and cigarbox, or more oak. Or is it like a twig ripped from a dead tree. In wine, there’s a HUGE difference in those tastes, and when you say wood i think oak. However, cedar/cigar box is a totally different taste to me.


    1. It was more of a sweeter wood taste. I did not get overpowered by cedar so I know it is not that. I honestly could not place the wood but it was sweeter than an Oak smells.

      I should get some different types of wood and cut through them on my table saw just to get the aromas in my head.

  5. Nice review…spot on, bro. I especially liked the photos in the beginning (Gold in a Tatuaje ashtray–love it! lol). Keep up the great work! Thx for the review.


    Jon Huber

    1. Wow, thank you very much for the comment!

      I only have 3 ashtrays and the Tatuaje is the only square one LOL I will have to check out some CAO ones in the near future 😉

  6. Awesome review! Maybe nutmeg was the pie spice in this cigar? I taste it in a few Ecuadorian wrapped cigars.

  7. Nice review Mike. I’ve only had one of these and it was several years ago. I didn’t care for them then but will give them another try since I seem to be liking the milder smokes more nowadays. How does this compare to the Oliva Connecticut? Sounds good for a mid/late morning smoke for me.

    One more thing, who cares what other people say about your pairings. Just like taste in cigars, everyone is different. I’m sure people would find it odd and/or revolting that I often have a blend of Jagermeister and Red Bull with my cigars.

    1. I would say the Oliva has a bit more spiciness to it where the CAO Gold is a bit sweeter. It is a GREAT morning cigar and i have even enjoyed them in the evening with a cup of coffee or soda.

  8. Another great review!! This is a nice smooth cigar. I agree with Craig(ArmyGLO), the drink you pair with your cigar should be one that gives you the most enjoyment. Keep up the great work.

  9. Howdy. To avoid charring torpedoes/perfectos (the ones that taper toward the foot like the one you smoked), light with a match or non-torch/jet butane lighter. Yet, it didn’t seem to make a difference, as your burn looked really good initially and decent as it progressed.

    As for pairings, I agree with what was said. It’s personal preference. I think water gives you the truest cigar flavour. My opinion is scotch or stouts or coffee add to the flavour, enhancing some at the expense of others, and sweeter drinks cut out certain flavours, but as long as you tell us what you’re pairing it with, it’s all subjective so it’s up to you.

    Looks and sounds like a must-try that I need to add to my list.

    Good tip on not using a “poker” to loosen the draw on torpedos/perfectos. That makes sense. It shouldn’t in theory be needed, as those cigars are made by the better rollers, but from a bit of 1st and 2nd-hand experience many seem to have draw problems.


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