Press Release: La Aurora Serie 107 Anniversario

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Press Release: La Aurora Serie 107 Anniversario

Last year, Miami Cigar Company did something that came as a surprise to many people. Nestor Miranda declared July 12th National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day and gave away a free Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary Danno cigars at certified accounts. The give-away was a massive success and brand awareness spread throughout the internet like wildfire.

To celebrate La Aurora’s 107th Anniversary, Miami Cigar aims to repeat their success. 107 certified accounts have been selected to hand out free cigars, while supplies last. To get in on this giveaway, take a look at the press release below and see if your local retailer is on the list.

Rediscover La Aurora with the 107

107 retailers to hand out free cigars on April 30

La Aurora 107 Band

MIAMI FL — Miami Cigar & Company, the exclusive distributor for La Aurora brands in the United States, announces the release of the La Aurora Serie 107 Anniversario to mark the company’s 107th year of operation in the Dominican Republic. As part of a year-long campaign to Rediscover La Aurora, 107 retailers across the U-S will be giving away 107 robustos on April 30th. The list of participating retailers can be found at

Miami Cigar president Nestor Miranda says, “We have represented La Aurora for over 20 years and feel this is one of the best cigars they have made so far. We believe so much in the 107 that we are giving cigar smokers the chance to try it for free. All anyone has to do is buy a cigar, any cigar, at one of the participating retailers on April 30 and we’ll give you a free 107.” La Aurora vice president Guillermo Léon adds, “We realize that while our family has been making fine handcrafted cigars for more than a century, some cigar smokers still have not tried our products and others remember when we only made cigars in the mild range. La Aurora has been developing medium to full bodied cigars with full flavor and we want to let people know how we have changed. The Rediscover La Aurora is part of our outreach to those smokers.”

The 107, which uses a Sun Grown Ecuador wrapper over 6 year old fillers and binder from Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, will come in boxes of 21 with a suggested retail price between $6 to $8, plus any local taxes. There will be 3 sizes: Robusto (4.5×50); Toro (5.5×54); and a Belicoso (6.25 x 52). The 107 will only be available at brick and mortar tobacconists.

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