CAO Gold Maduro

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CAO Gold Maduro


T-minus one day until IPCPR 2009. With that I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Its actually hard to believe that out of the 652 (I guess this is 653) cigar reviews published here on Stogie Review that we haven’t reviewed the CAO Gold or the CAO Gold Maduro. This will solve the CAO Gold Maduro and give me an easy way to transition into talking about CAO Cigars at IPCPR.

Video runs 12 minutes and do I really say “401” instead of “411” when running down the info on the cigar? LOL…I’m such a rookie. Anyway, the CAO Gold Maduro is a staple in my humidor. Its really not financially feasible to smoke a CAO MX3 all the time and sometimes you want something with a little more zing than what you find on the CAO MX2 but don’t want the full body experience of the CAO Brazilia…so I guess what I’m saying is that the CAO Gold Maduro fits a specific “in-between” kind of mood. You want a solid maduro, at a reasonable price and with a exotic zing that a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro doesn’t have but not full bodied. Did that make any sense?


14 thoughts on “CAO Gold Maduro

  1. Great review Jerry. I think if you smoked Mx3’s all the time, Drapers would make you a lifetime VIP (at $10 a stick).

    The Gold Maduro is a great stick at a low price. I’ve always become fond of the CAO VR, more of the pepper undertones that I seem to gravitate to in my smokes, but around the same price point.

  2. CAO got another hit. Tried these out the other weekend on the Waianae coast of Oahu. It was so good, one of my uncles used chopsticks to get every last smoke out that Maduro Gold stick.

  3. Hi Jerry, great vid as always. Just wanted to let everyone know that as well as IPCPR 2009 going on there is a rather exciting event going on in my neck of the woods. It is known as TSBAVF 2009. This stands for The Shepton Beauchamp annual village fate 2009. This great event is taking place on Saturday and you will all be relived to hear that I will be reporting back from the event and posting regular updates on Twitter. So stay tuned if you want to find out if Mrs Tailstock wins the best plum jam prize for a third year in a row and I will let you know if there are any new developments in the world of home baked scones. Rock n fucking roll people. X

  4. Nice, but why do you always have to finish of a good review with the f-word???
    It done really bring class to a review, more feel like you dont take it serious in any way…

    just my two cents..

  5. Anders – Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to watch.

    Honestly I don’t take my reviews seriously. My reviews are supposed to be fun, easy going, laid back, chill and entertaining. Like I said in a comment on another review, I’m Jerry, I sit in my backyard, smoke some cigars, have a little fun and share my thoughts. Thats it…nothing more, nothing less.

    I understand that the f-word offends you and I’m sure you’re not alone but it is what it is because I am who I am.

  6. Nice review.

    I like the natural CAO Gold Double Corona size the best! I think the smaller sizes have too much of that “zing” I am also not a big maduro fan 🙂


  7. Hi Jerry

    Dont worry, the f-word dont offend me at all… 😉 you need to be a lite more volgure to offend me, probably a hole lot more…..

    just woundering and it explain it, anyway, i enjoy your reviews, even if i dont enyou CAO:s 😉

    keep up the good work

  8. i like the Gold Madure. I also like the Gold. Another Connecticut wrapped cigar to try is the 5 Vegas Gold.

  9. i realize that you gotsta pay the bills, but the constant barrage of advertising makes me want to smash shit! They’re not even cigar-related.
    Aside from that, another great review! I really like the brazilia & i also enjoy the gold, so i’ll have to keep an eye out for these. This really is a beautiful cigar, and you’re CAO hat is pretty tight too. Keep it up jerry–Long F’g Ashes!!

  10. Good Stuff Jerry. I’m a rookie and just recently started getting into cigars as a hobby. Stogie Review as well as your reviews have been a huge help. Nice review on the CAO Gold Maduro but I have to mention I recently tried a CAO Gold (Robusto) and I didn’t like it. From what I have heard and read it is a good beginner’s smoke but it was bland and it tasted lousy. Oddly enough I tried the Partagas Black on your recommendation and I loved it – solid smoke and great taste! Like you said maybe the CAO Gold Maduro would be a nice “in-between.” Keep up the great reviews.

  11. This was my first CAO cigar and will not be my last !!!!!! Great description as a go between smoke this one falls dead solid as a medium body smoke. The best part is the development of the flavor though it never becomes too much. The only downside is that it was a hard draw in the begining for me as well but opened up nicely about half way through. I would highly recommend this as a great mid day smoke when your not looking for too full of a cigar. enjoy.

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