Ashton Cabinet Selection #2

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Ashton Cabinet Selection #2

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Origin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : U.S. Connecticut Shade
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
Source : Gift

I have for you today, the Ashton Cabinet Selection #2. These cigars take 7 years to come into your hands from the seedlings.

There are 10 different sizes for these, Cabinet #1 (9.000 x 52), Cabinet #2 (7.000 x 46), Cabinet #3 (6.000 x 46), Cabinet #6 (5.500 x 50), Cabinet #7 (6.250 x 52), Cabinet #8 (7.000 x 49), Cabinet #10 (7.500 x 52), Pyramid (6.000 x 52), Belicoso (5.250 x 52), and a Tres Petit (4.375 x 42).


Well the first thing I notice about my Ashton Cabinet Selection #2 is the very silky wrapper. It just feels nice holding it in your hands.

Scent from the wrapper is giving me a tobacco scent with a slight hint of a spice in the background. I can not sniff the foot due to the perfecto shape and not wanting boogies on the end of my cigar.

Clipped the end and was met with a nutty taste on the cold draw with a bit of that spice again. I am thinking almost a cinnamon type spice right now.

First Third

Off and running on my Ashton Cabinet Selection #2 and the first few puffs were a little hard due to the perfecto end, but I managed to work through it. What I won’t do for my readers!

Into the first third a bit and I am getting just a hint of the spice along with a leathery taste.

Finishing this third out and I am mainly getting a leathery spicy finish off the cigar. Smoke is very creamy but on the aftertaste the spicy leather really makes an appearance. I will say the finish is pretty short, as in, it does not hang around long.

Ash held on for almost the entire first third, then fell off into the ashtray in one chunk. Very nice strength on this ash.

Second Third

Starting out this second third of my Ashton Cabinet Selection #2 and I am still getting a very creamy smoke with the leathery spice tastes on the aftertaste.

I have to say, this second third has been very nice. Ash did not hold on like in the first third, but it held on where it only ashed once so far.

Taste seems to have mellowed out quite a bit and has settled into a leather taste with a tiny bit of spice.

I am enjoying this so far.

Body has not strayed from mild this whole time.

Final Third

Entering into the final third of my Ashton Cabinet Selection #2 and I find myself wishing it was a bigger cigar right now.

Well if you watch the video you will see how a chunk of the wrapper came off with the band and not even where the glue was! I didn’t record the unbanding but I give you some nice shots of it and my thoughts.

Finishing off this final bit of the cigar and most of the nice flavor has gone away now. I was getting the leather in the beginning but it has given way to just a tobacco taste with a bit of harshness to it. Now to be fair, I am down to the final inch.

Ash did not hold on very well in this final third and I have had to touch it up a few times to keep it going.


All in all, this Ashton Cabinet Selection #2 was a nice cigar, but with the price tag it has, I was hoping for a bit more. I did not mind the flavors in the first two thirds, but the final third just ruined the experience for me. I guess if I would not try and smoke every cigar down to burning my fingers I would not have this problem.

I was really upset about the wrapper ripping under the band. I can never excuse that in a higher priced cigar.

Would I suggest a purchase? If you like a mild to medium cigar, I would say to give it a shot if you can find them for a good price.

How was the lighting? Comment section is below 🙂

Brian Hewitt reviewed the Ashton Cabinet Selection #3 here.

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4 thoughts on “Ashton Cabinet Selection #2

  1. Nice review as always Mike. I enjoy a good Connecticut Shade cigar but I guess I have my limits( financial) as my tastes have beem migrating to the darker Habano wrappers that have been coming out on the market. I guess if I could get some of these at a good price point I would jump on them.

  2. Mike, Glad you enjoyed the stick, for the most part. Those sticks had rested in my humi for a good 3 – 3 1/2 years. That issue with the wrapper pissed me off as well.
    Thanks for the great reviews. Keep ’em coming, and keep the classic rock intro’s for us old folk. LOL…

  3. Good review Mike, that thing with the wrapper could also be the roller touching that part with finger that had glue on it before the band was put on it. You should try Xikar HC Connecticut those are good.

  4. I liked this cigar. I had a couple of small cracks in the wrapper but it might have been how my friend traveled with it. I got creamy buttery notes and some spice at the end. The whitest ash I have seen in a long time as well. I would definitely buy again.

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