Ashton Cabinet #3

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Ashton Cabinet #3

Ashton Cabinet #3 pre-light

This Ashton Cabinet #3 measures 6×46 and is one of the silkiest, smoothest, best looking cigars I have had the pleasure to smoke. I got this one in a trade over at Club Stogie, a popular pastime over there. I’m not kidding, this cigar was nothing less than beautiful, not a vein to be found anywhere.

Pre-light draw was rather tight as-expected given the perfecto shape. The foot toasted quickly and provided the only hint of spice I got during this smoke while the very small end burned. The draw opened up right after the burn got past the shaped foot and there was ample smoke, though slightly less than I prefer. The smoke was creamy and mild with a short finish with light slightly earthy flavors. The ash was light grey and somewhat flaky around the foot but firmed up once the burn got into the body of the cigar.

Ashton Cabinet #3 first third

The second third provided more of the same mild creamy smoke with no apparent build to the body. The burn was very straight and clean after some preliminary problems with the first third. I think some of the corrections I had to make right after the foot caused the flakiness of the ash. The flavor was not all that complex but still very enjoyable with an extremely light finish.

This cigar liked to be smoked rather constantly, on the two occasions when I had to set it down for 1-2 minutes it required a little touch-up to get it to burn properly again. And while the tempo had to be kept up to maintain the burn, the cigar failed to get hot or harsh while smoking relatively fast.

The last third of this cigar provided the only build to the body, and only a slight build to what I would consider a medium. It was a very enjoyable mild to medium bodied smoke with a very light finish, within fifteen minutes of finishing it I could barely tell I had smoked a cigar. Given the price of these I’ll certainly not be adding them to the box-buy list though if you have a friend who enjoys a nice mild to medium bodied cigar and you’re looking to gift them a good one the Ashton Cabinet is a great candidate.

Ashton Cabinet #3 ash tray


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  1. I agree Patrick, I’ve always liked the look of a perfecto and this was a gorgeous example. Even though it doesn’t affect me personally, I’m glad to see The Stogie Guys getting the word out about Prop 86.

  2. I had one of these a few days ago and expected to enjoy it more. It could have been due to the fact that i had the price in the back of my mind but it was very very mild i thought. After the first third of mine, I got a scotch sort of taste that i did not enjoy that floated in between hints of butter. All in all i wouldn’t really recommend it due to the price tag but I guess it’s worth trying.

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