Oliveros White Gran Maduro

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Oliveros White Gran Maduro

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Origin : Unknown
Wrapper : Triple Fermented Brazilian Maduro
Binder : Costa Rica
Filler : Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama
Source : Gift from Mike on Twitter

Right off the bat I want to inform you that I do not have very much information on this cigar at all, except what Hank from Oliveros gave me. I do not know what sizes they make or anything. This Oliveros White Gran Maduro is made for Thompson Cigars exclusively and they are sold out right now. I tried to get a hold of someone at Thompson’s, but I was informed their computers were offline for the entire day and I would have to call back tomorrow. Since this review will already be posted, I will try and get some information about the availability for you and add it to the post.

I am guessing at the size of this one as a 6×56.


My Oliveros White Gran Maduro is packed pretty firmly and has a bit of a spicy scent to it. I picked up a bit of a chocolate aroma also but it might have been just in my head due to it being a maduro wrapper.

Snipped the head and got mostly tobacco and a little twinge of spice.

First Third

My first third of the Oliveros White Gran Maduro is going well in the flavor department but awful in the burn arena. If you watch the video, you will understand.

Flavors are a woody taste with a tiny bit of spice and some dark chocolate notes. I really do like the flavor so far.

Second Third

Second third of my Oliveros White Gran Maduro and the spicy taste has taken a kick up while the woody taste is still in the foreground. I can also pick out a cedary note here and there. most of the chocolate has gone away, with just a subtle hint remaining every now and then.

Burn problems abound, but other than keeping a lighter handy, I am doing well.

So far this stick might be in the medium range but no where near full. Just a nice relaxing smoke.

Final Third

Finishing out my Oliveros White Gran Maduro and I have to say, for a low cost cigar, this was pretty darn enjoyable.

Final third has given me a whole lot more of the spice but the chocolate would peek it’s head in every now and again. Mostly the spice and woody taste as from the beginning of the stick but still enjoyable in my eyes.


My main complaint about the Oliveros White Gran Maduro is the burn. If the burn could be fixed to stay lit and burning properly this would be a tremendous bargain find in my book.

I will try and get more information from Thompson the day you are watching/reading this and post back on what they tell me. I really hope they are going to continue to sell this cigar as I could see keeping these in my humidor.

Here is the link to Brian Hewitt’s review of the Oliveros Eight-Zero which has an eerily familiar looking label.

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  1. Oliveros has some decent lines, but I don’t find myself smoking them often. Just be warned that Thompson’s is the devil!

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