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Stogie Review Live

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Earlier this week I was browsing through my RSS Reader and saw that Google Wave came out of private beta. With it being open to the public came the option to embed a wave within a page for the world to see. That got me thinking about how we could utilize the service to benefit the Stogie Review Fans.

My initial thought was to use to let people see us working on reviews and taking notes. After getting the wave embedded and tested, I thought it would also be great to include a live video feed to go along with it. Before long I was playing with the Tokbox service and Mike and I were troubleshooting embedding that as well.

Once we got both the Tokbox session and the Wave loaded into a page, Stogie Review Live was born. Throughout the testing phase we have a handful of people on with us and we had a blast with our virtual herf. In the future, we plan to use it to both herf and do portions of our review live. Right now the plan is to hop on Tokbox and do the note taking portion of the review while chatting and answering questions.

Head on over to our Stogie Review Live page to take it for a test run. Upon loading the page you will immediately be launched into a Tokbox session (which we aren’t overly fond of), but you have the option to opt-out. From there you can either video chat, or text chat, with anyone else using the page. The page has some quirks that need to be worked out but we are happy with it so far.

Tell us what you think of the setup and what you would like to see done with the page. Right now the only main issue is that Internet Explorer is not compatible with the Wave, so IE users won’t see it until the browser becomes compatible.

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4 thoughts on “Stogie Review Live

  1. Good luck to you all but this is not for me…life is far too short.
    Now i have another thing to add to my list,
    1. Never go on facebook
    2. Never go on Twitter
    3. Never have a Tokbox session


  2. Have to agree with the earlier comment. Not sure if this is the kind of content I am looking forward to as I do 99.9% of all my SR viewing through an iPhone (can’t access through work due to wirewalls). I tried to view but it is not compatible through iPhone

  3. Personally, I love the idea. I think video herfing can be tons of fun. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not like this. So, I am pulling for this, but I do not think it be a big hit. Anyways, good luck, and keep up the fantastic work guys.

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