LegendArio Connecticut Bertha

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LegendArio Connecticut Bertha

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Origin : Honduras
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Honduran and Dominican
Source : bought from local shop for $5.50

This review is dedicated to the “Real Housewife” – wanna know who that is, you have to watch the video.

Music is dedicated to – Parker (reason) – because he knows the song is true.

I have for you today the LegendArio Connecticut Bertha from Camacho. This cigar is made in only three sizes Toro (6 x 50), Figurado (6 1/8 x 42 x 54), and Bertha (6 x 60).

MSRP is all sizes is $6.50.

Nice little note from Dylan Austin is that the LegendArio brand grew 67% in 2009.

I think that number is very nice and I am glad they brought out the Connecticut.


Taking a big ole sniff of the wrapper and foot of my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha and I really don’t get much but a light barnyard scent.

Wrapper is very silky with a bit of tooth to it but not too much.

Draw is very nice and loose with a bit of natural woody tobacco taste.

First Third

Starting out nicely with my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha. Very mild and woody taste with a bit of sweetness on the back end.

Seems to be nice and creamy so far. I am hoping this continues.

Second Third

Here we are into the second third of my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha and it has mostly stayed the same. I am still getting the predominant woody taste with a bit of sweet tobacco in the background.

I started to pick up a little bit of a bite, but I can not place it yet as it seems to come and go.

Still a mild stick in my books that is burning very well. Any time the cigar has gone off a bit, it seems to catch up itself.

Final Third

Here in the final third of my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha and it is starting to get a little bitter around the last inch to inch and a half.

I was still getting the predominant woody taste but the sweetness really subsided here at the end.

I believe that little bite I got towards the end of the second third may have been from the cigar heating up a bit and has carried into the final third.

Still a mild to low medium stick, even at the one inch mark.


I really liked this LegendArio Connecticut Bertha. I thought it had a consistent flavor throughout but it was a nice mellow smoking experience that I can’t wait to do again.

I actually had five of these and had to keep myself from smoking this last one before I had time to record a review.

Box worthy – oh yes, if you like a mild stick.

I know I am going to be picking more of these up when I get to that shop again.

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I am just me.

18 thoughts on “LegendArio Connecticut Bertha

  1. Give ’em hell Mike!! People who spend their time criticizing others are just trying to distract themselves from their own shortcomings.
    Your reviews rock!! Keep the classic rock coming!!

  2. You are an embarrassment to the human race and cigar smokers everywhere! That’s what I might be saying if I was one of those small-minded tweebs that left the vile comments after your last review.

    Seriously, if people don’t like the way you look, there’s no reason to get personally offensive about it…just turn off the video or download the MP3 version.

    This sounds like an interesting cigar and I will keep my eyes open for it. Always open to another great mild to medium cigar. How does this compare with the Camacho or Oliva Connecticuts?

    1. Honestly, I think this one is a lot smoother and creamier. I would definitely say to give at least one a try to see if it is right for you!

      What do you mean they can turn off the video – how dare thee say that LMAO

  3. Hey rockie, You just twisted the band and it will comes loose. A good comments on the cigar’s favor an d strength.

    1. I actually had some wrapper pull off by trying to twist the foot band to break it loose on some cigars, that is why I try and pull them apart now.

      I know at the foot it doesn’t matter a whole lot for a little tear or piece of wrapper missing, but that is why I pulled it apart in the video

      Thanx for the comment

  4. Good review Mike. Never had one of these, but it sounds like a great smoke for the price and an excellent choice for a morning cigar with coffee. Keep on smoking.

  5. mike
    surprised you are even commenting on the looks stuff….dont even pay them attention cause its just feeding into it….plenty of other site’s to check out if you are looking for “top knotch looking dudes”….I come here cause I like that the videos are usually about the cigar and thats it. You and walt seem to pump out the most video reviews, I cant understand any complaints towards you. If there is one I have it is that Brian doesnt do them very often, but he does a great written review. And imho Walt is the Air Jordan of reviews…usually gives a great video and written and Jerry is the LeBron James …perhaps the most talent just has to put it together….

    Keep the reviews coming you are the only one on the staff that gears toward mild cigars, so it is a nice change of pace.

    1. Thanx! I know I should have kept my mouth shut but I have to feed the trolls sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

      Mild-Medium is my favorite profile, so I will keep em coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Good review, and I’m glad you’re back indoors with this one. I’ll have to see if I can find these Legendarios on-line somewhere.

  7. Great review once again. I enjoy a mild but flavorful stick from time to time. I am getting a little burned out on all of those so called full flavored aka harsh sticks they have been cranking out for the last year or two.

  8. Hey man, I smoked the maduro last night and it took me 4 hours to smoke that bitch! Also, I did about 10 Coors Lights. It was awsome!

  9. Great review, man!
    This is a little “greetings” to those sorry excuses of human beings who can’t be just a tiny little bit objective about these reviews:

    I just wonder why you are smoking a banana, and lightening it up with a torch welding machine;-p
    This spring I had a nice little rant about 6×60 over at cigargeeks.com, and it developed to be a fine mix of BS and facts. I enjoyed it a lot :-DD. I have to admit I bought a box of Nosotros 660, and I didn’t like too much. The taste was a bit strong, but boring. And it’s a living hell to maintain the burn, the ash flew all over the place, etc. Tried the ugly bastard again yesterday, and combined it with coffee. WHOOAO!! The ugly bastard is the best cigar I’ve tasted combined with coffee, especially a light capuchino.

    Of course, I had to cross reference it against another cigar, so I brought up an Illusione Epernay Le Matin, tasted them against three (3) espressos, the capuchino, lungos with and without frothed milk. I ended up walking across the ceiling!! A LOT of coffee and nicotine, and it felt like I got a slight hangover this morning… The Nosotros have aged 10 months in my fridgador, and maybe it just went over the right aging point. Most likely, it has something to do with my experience with cigars. I started this hobby just 18 months ago, and the last 10 month I’ve tasted over fifty different cigars.

    Anyway; – I’m looking for more light to medium strenght cigars, and it looks like the LegendArio Connecticut can be one of the next boxes in my fridgador.

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