Cigar Expo 2010 videos

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Cigar Expo 2010 videos

Welcome back to more Cigar Expo 2010 coverage. This time I have for you a video of the hypnotist, Michael Night, who performed after 2 mediocre comedians. I have to tell you, this show was great. I did not record the first part when he did his comedy magic, but it was not a long session and the hypnotist section I have here was the star of the show. I set the camcorder up and let her roll. I hope the audio is decent enough as the loudspeaker system was a bit muffled towards the back of the room where we were.

I apologize but the hypnotist has asked me not to post the whole show since he doesn’t allow people to record them. He has said i can post a part or two, so I will try and get something edited and posted as soon as I can. I put this in here because I will not be able to get it done by midnight.

Next up I have some random footage from Cigar Expo 2010, starting with a bit of a walkthrough of the event to show the manufacturers that were there. Then you have just some miscellaneous footage from around and finally I have the fireworks that were sponsored by CAO. Be warned, the fireworks show did not come out well as I could not get the tripod to tilt back far enough so I had to do it by hand. My little cheap camcorder would not hold a set focus so it kept trying to refocus every time a firework went off. It is a shame since they had a nice looking CAO sign they lit up with fireworks but it came out as a blob.

Hopefully next year either I will have some better equipment or someone else will be along who does that can get better footage.

A big sorry goes out to Tim Ozgener from CAO as he wanted a copy of the fireworks footage but it is so poor, I would be embarrassed to have him use it.

If anyone has footage from the fireworks PLEASE get a hold of CAO, Famous Smoke Shop, or myself if you are willing to pass it on to them for use on their website.

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