3rd Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day

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3rd Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day


July 22nd is the 3rd Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day. It is in celebration of my Little Robusto, my son JJ, who as many of you know, passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) while at daycare when he was 3.5 months old. This July 22nd would’ve been his 3rd birthday. The DPG Series JJ was the first cigar I smoked after his birth and holds a truly special place in my heart.

The event is simple, whenever/wherever on July 22nd, spark up a DPG Series JJ and enjoy the time. Its that simple.

This year, our friends at Corona Cigar have graciously stepped up and are offering a great deal and free shipping on Series JJ cigars for Smoke a JJ for JJ Day.



42 thoughts on “3rd Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day

  1. That’s awesome Jerry! Jeff and the team at Corona are first rate!

    Count me in for the 22nd, I have a well aged JJ ready to honor your little guy!

    1. Sad story, man:( I will definitely fire one up and think of little JJ. So sad. I don’t know what I’d do without my little dude, Alex. He just turned 9 last month.

  2. I’ve already got my JJs ready to go. i though I might get a few more. Just to be extra ready has it were.

  3. Ordered some from Corona Cigar this morning and they shipped this afternoon. I will be smoking one or two for JJ on the 22nd and Jerry I will hoist a few beers in your honor.

  4. Strange enough, I was going to smoke this very cigar tonight for the first time. Looks like it’s going back in the box till the 22nd. I can wait a few days to honor you and yours.

  5. I have to say I can’t fire one of these up without thinking of your little guy, Jerry. It’s a great tribute, and I’ll be participating on the 22nd. A classy move by Corona too — more JJs are on the way.

  6. Hey i’m sorry to hear that man. something like that is tough to bounce back from, but you seem to have found happiness and are able to make it a happy memorial to your son which is great to see. Hang in there, love the reviews!

  7. Never tried any of the JJ’s, but ordered a 5-er maduro in his honor. I’m giving some to my buddies so we’ll light ’em up on the 22nd. Peace, bro.

  8. I’ll be lighting up on the 22nd, and I bet all Stogie Review Readers and BOTL on Twitter will be as well.

  9. Just thought I would pass this along since you gave a link to Corona Cigar. I ordered on 7-2 and they shipped on 7-2, and I got my order (I live in NW Arkansas) today 7-6. That’s with a holiday weekend. Pretty damn good customer service. Best wishes and I am sure the air will be full of cigar smoke on the 22nd.

  10. Man… sorry to hear about that. Things like that just choke me up. I have 2 little bambinos that my world just revolves around. I’ll be lighting up my JJ on the 2nd in JJ’s honor. Take care sir, from one stogie enthusiast to another, may God bless you and your family.

  11. Big DON I must say I was touched by your story. No one should ever have to outlive their children. As a proud papa of two little ones I can only hope you find some comfort in your fitting tribute. Add another BOTL on the 22nd.

  12. I have several waiting for years to come. I have had the natural torpedo the last 2 years but this year I am going to have the maduro toro. Any live video herf this year?

  13. Sparking up my first DPG JJ right now in honor of you and JJ. God Bless you and the Little Robusto until you meet again. Keep the LFA burning.

  14. Just finished my first JJ Maduro. I’ve only been smoking for a year and a half but it was easily one of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked. I’ll continue to enjoy one every 4/22 in honor of you and your beautiful little guy.
    Peace Bro.

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