Oliveros King Havano Claro – Monarch

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Oliveros King Havano Claro – Monarch

Oliveros King Havano Claro Monarch - main.jpg

Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Source : gifted from Hank at Oliveros

Our cigar for today is the Oliveros King Havano Claro in the Monarch size. These cigars are Nicaraguan puros and feature an all ligero filler from three regions, Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa. They are available in five different sizes, Jester (4 x 60), Knight (6 1/2 x 54), Monarch (6 x 54), Squire (5 x 48), and a Black Knight (6 x 52) which is only available in a box-pressed maduro. There are also three wrapper choices for all but the above mentioned Black Knight. You can get these in a Habano Claro, Maduro Fuerte, and an Oscuro.


First thing that gets my attention on the Oliveros King Havano Claro is just how striking it looks. I think with the silky smooth wrapper and the colors on the band it really looks “regal” in appearance.

Taking my big ole whiff of the wrapper and foot I get mostly a clean barnyard scent with a sweet hay component.

After lighting I get mostly a natural tobacco with a bit of the sweet hay in the background.

First Third

Entering the first third of my Oliveros King Havano Claro monarch and so far it is around a low medium body with a nice smooth, creamy smoke.

As I near the end of the first third I am still getting a pretty smooth texture from the smoke which includes a little bit of spice along with the main leather taste.

I am also in the medium range right now and I expect it to climb due to the all ligero filler. Well, and the fact that I have smoked three others of these already.

Second Third

Zipping into the second third of my Oliveros King Havano Claro monarch and I have had a burn problem that needed correction on this one. I will note that I did not have this problem with the other ones I have smoked so I am chalking it up to this cigar and not the whole lot of them.

I have gotten into the full bodied part of the smoke but it is not a blast you on your ass full body experience but more along the lines of a smooth full body.

Taste is still pretty much the leather with a bit of sweetness that comes through every now and again. With that sweetness i have gotten a sweet grass, sweet hay and a sweet tobacco taste from it which makes it a nice change up every now and again.

I was very surprised that there was not any more spice to this cigar than just a little bit but it actually made it more enjoyable for me so far.

Final Third

Heading right on into the final third of my Oliveros King Havano Claro monarch and we are at the full bodied range.

Rounding out the final third, this cigar has gotten a little bit harsh but the other three I have smoked did not have that problem. I am getting a bit of heaviness on the back of my throat with this one.

Since I am getting a bit of a difference in this final third on this cigar from the others, I will give you both aspects. On the previous three I have smoked, the body was definitely in the full range while getting that charred meat taste from the ligero. On the one I am smoking now, it has just gotten harsh without much flavor at all other than a burning tobacco taste.

I believe this one is milder than the other three I have smoked also but the taste in the first two thirds was almost spot on from each one of the four.

On the previous three I nubbed all of them without getting any horrible taste or harshness out of them while this one, like I said above, has turned to the harsh side. I do not fault the whole box, just this cigar.


For the conclusion of my Oliveros King Havano Claro monarch I would say if you like a medium to full bodied cigar with the ligero filler, you will enjoy this smoke. I do not believe it will blow you out of your seat with constant flavor changes but it is a nice smooth full bodied cigar.

I could see keeping a 5 pack in my humidor for those occasions where i am in the mood for something full bodied that is not harsh but with my flavor profile of mild-medium, I could not smoke these daily.

I am interested in what you have to say about this stogie! Please let me a comment and tell me your experience.


Let me a comment and tell me if you like the videos from my old camcorder or this new one better and you will be in a drawing for a 5 pack of these Oliveros King Havano Claro monarch’s.

I will draw the winner on Saturday August 14th 2010 and will notify the winner immediately following the picking of the name. I will also put up a comment in this post on who won.

Second Contest

Go HERE in the forums and follow the instructions. You could end up winning all 10 cigars if you are super lucky.

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35 thoughts on “Oliveros King Havano Claro – Monarch

  1. Nicely done! New one for sure. I have yet to have a bda Oliveros experience. Will need to find these and sample.

  2. Nice Review mike, Would have to say the new one. As long as you can get the sound worked out, go with the NEW. Thanks for the review.

  3. Newer one is much clearer Mike. Maybe the next one will be a 3D camera with smellovision and then you’ll really be on your way. Lol, great review anyway.

  4. Mike, looks like a tasty stogie! I have not seen these at my local B&M. Definitely like the new camera better, much clearer.

    Great review!

  5. You should get the mike Mike cause I was wondering what that random static was. But all in all I think the new one is best.

  6. I like the picture with the new camera, but there seems to be a little bit of sound problems. I’d rather hear you than see a super detailed picture of the band, so my vote is for the old camera. Keep smokin’.

  7. Mike, the new camera definitely has a sharper picture, but the audio problems can be really distracting. I vote for the old. Thanks for the review!

  8. I like the new cam. and as everyone else has said i think if you can fix the audio you would be g2g. Until then i would have to say old cam.

  9. Another great review Mike! I like the resolution of the new cam a lot better but not the sound, once you fix that you will be on the money!!! Keep up with the nice job.

  10. I like the new cam, makes you look at least 10 years younger. Image seemed to be sharp…….and as for the audio….you already know! Thanks for the review, I’ll have to give one a try.

  11. Kudos to the new cam, and love the added graphics. The only “fly in the ointment” is the overwhelming backround noise. As always, love the vids., always watch them whilst I shave. Thanks, Mike.

  12. Nice review i like it better when you can see what your doing though :] i think it makes for better band views + I’m not a quality whore

  13. and the winner is…….


    I will email you at the address you used to post the comment to get me your shipping address.

    Thanx to all for entering!


    1. I smoked another one of these from that 5-pack this weekend. What a great smoke, and it burned for almost two hours! Thanks again, Mike. Keep smokin’.

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