XIKAR & Drew Estate Accessory Series

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XIKAR & Drew Estate Accessory Series

Kansas City, Missouri – August 5th, 2010.

XIKAR Inc., makers of the highly rated Cigar Accessories and HC Series Cigars has signed a Licensing Agreement with Nicaraguan based Drew Estate, which became effective August, 2010. “This new joint venture speaks volumes about our mutual admiration given what Drew Estate has done in the marketplace with their brands. We feel that this association is an excellent opportunity for both companies,” according to Scott Almsberger, Vice President of XIKAR.

At IPCPR, XIKAR will showcase and commence sales on the “ACID – XIKAR Accessory Collection,” as well as the “Liga Privada – XIKAR Accessory Collection.” Both top shelf quality collections are priced similar to their current lines and will be limited in availability for their intitial release. According to Marvin Samel, Co-Founder of Drew Estate, “Our company’s ethos has always been “The Rebirth of Cigars” and these new XIKAR Collections represent this philosophy perfectly.” “XIKAR makes the finest cigar accessories in the world,” says Jonathan Drew, “and with their creativity and professionalism, they are the ideal strategic partner to bring these products to the market.”


3 thoughts on “XIKAR & Drew Estate Accessory Series

  1. I received this email earlier today as well. Should be interesting to see what kind of products they come out with. Although I don’t care for Acid cigars, they are one of the best sellers, so I am sure we will see some crazy looking Xikar products.

  2. I have one of the Liga Privada cigar cutters that JD sends out some times. It’s a truly beautiful cutter! Very heavy, and it actually makes a good cut.

    I’ve also seen some of the Liga Privada shirts that are floating around, and there is a black golf-style T with an embroidered white Liga lion that just looks sweet … that’s a cigar shirt that I would wear around and not just to a herf, lol!

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