Velvet Cigars: The Bowery – robusto

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Velvet Cigars: The Bowery – robusto

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan and Honduran
Source : gifted from Velvet Cigars for this review

Welcome back for another installment of Mike’s Cigars. Today I have for you, The Bowery from Velvet Cigar. I am smoking the robusto size which I was sent directly by Velvet Cigar for this review. I received 2 samples, so this review is based on those only.

The Bowery should be available by the time this post goes up or soon thereafter. This cigar is available in four sizes, robusto (5×50), toro (6.5×52), torpedo (6×52) and a churchill (7×52). All of the sizes are box-pressed.

Here is the press release for your enjoyment

For Immediate Release
New York, New York (August 2010) – Velvet Cigars, located in the East Village of
Manhattan, is proud to announce the release of its newest line of cigars: The Bowery, a
medium to full-bodied box-pressed cigar, featuring four year-aged Nicaraguan and
Honduran filler, with a Habano Ecuadorian wrapper.
“The Bowery offers box-pressed perfection, with a rich and unique flavor augmented by
the flawless Habano wrapper,” says Dan Bsharat, managing partner of Velvet Cigars.
“For our newest release, we wanted to offer something very different and spent 10
months on the development of the blend and manufacturing of the cigar.”
Housed in a sleek, black box with velvet red accents, The Bowery adds a new, unique
option to Velvet?s diverse offering of prized hand-rolled cigars: The Cooper, The Astor
and The Tompkins.
“The new line is a perfect complement to our existing offering of freshly hand-rolled
Dominican cigars. Our portfolio now consists of 16 distinctive cigars, so we can truly say
we have a stick for everyone.”
Each Velvet Cigar line is named for locations in NYC?s East Village, a diverse
neighborhood with a vibrant nightlife and creative sensibility. The Bowery is named after
the NYC thoroughfare of the same name, just a few short blocks from Velvet Cigar
Lounge. Once considered NYC?s Skid Row, The Bowery has gone through an incredible
transformation, becoming a center for culture and nightlife.
The Bowery is available for purchase beginning September 2010 at the Velvet Cigar
Lounge in the East Village and at A box of 20 cigars retails for $195-
$230, depending on the size: Robusto (5” x 50), Toro (6.5” x 52), Torpedo (6” x 52) and
Churchill (7” x 52).
About Velvet Cigar Lounge
Velvet Cigar Lounge first opened its doors in 2005 in the heart of New York City?s East Village. The Lounge offers a
comfortable, welcoming place to relax, unwind and share a story. With a stellar selection of private label and
internationally renowned cigars, Velvet is the perfect escape for the cigar novice and connoisseur alike.


While handling (fondling maybe) The Bowery I have to say, it feels velvety. I get a compost and chocolate scent from the wrapper and mostly a sweet chocolate from the foot. No real veins to speak of and the band reminds me of the 50’s, which is cool.

First Third

Roaring right into The Bowery and right off the bat I can sense the power of the cigar. I would say it starts off a solid medium with spice, chocolate, and a smidge of woodiness.

At the end of the first third I would say this is full bodied already but with my taste profile it may just be medium for some of you. I am still getting the woody taste with the spice while the chocolate and the sweet fruit taste has gone to a just every now and again occurrence.

Second Third

Flying into the second third of The Bowery and the power is the main thing I notice along with the spice.

Rounding out this second third I am getting a big spice increase where it burns the sinus cavity on the retrohale. I also seem to be getting a leather taste more so than the woodiness I was getting earlier. I just picked up a clean sweet taste that just reminded me of a sugary sweetness in the last two puffs which was a nice change of pace to go with the spice.

I did touch the cigar up twice just in case you wonder about those sort of things.

Final Third

Here we are the end of The Bowery from Velvet Cigar and I am noticing a bit of a drop in the body of the cigar itself. I noticed this on the first one I smoked also. We will see how it finishes out and whether or not the power goes back up, levels off, or continues to drop a little as I get toward the nub.

Rounding out this last third and I did notice the body was still there, it may have been the spice that overshadowed it for me but as the spice died down a bit the body became more prevalent. Leather was the major taste in the final third with a little bit of the cauliflower and charred meat taste in the background.


All in all The Bowery from Velvet Cigars was an okay cigar for my profile but it had a little too much power for my liking, especially at around lunch time when I smoked this. I think full bodied smokers will easily be able to handle this cigar at midday.

Would I buy them? Probably yes. I could see having a couple laying around for a nice evening smoke when I wanted something with a good bit of spice and power to round out a big heavy meal.

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I am just me.

5 thoughts on “Velvet Cigars: The Bowery – robusto

  1. Mike,
    Sounds like an interesting cigar. I got a little sticker shock when you told us it was a $10.00 cigar, but it sounds as though it may be worth it.

  2. walt man…I had to work this morning….but you my friend are an early riser

    mike nice review…def gave a good description on what you experienced…10 bucks though…I can tell you must have had a nice tobacco buzz going …I actually heard you say a cigar is worth the $10!!!!

    1. Yeah, my daughter made sure my wife and I were awake and moving around at about 4:30am. That is generally when I get up for work during the week and she seems to have gotten herself on my schedule. Now if only she would sleep in a bit on the weekend…. lol

    2. It is hard for me to justify the price but there was something about the taste to this one that just whispered it was worth it. If the cigar would be in the $6 range it would be a super buy but where it is priced it is a nice occasional smoke that most people in the full body range could enjoy.

  3. Thanks for at good review Mike, you do it well. I would say its a full body cigar, it is one of my favorite, pure magic, so many different levels of taste in that stick. Dont get me wrong, you are a pro of what you are doing, but the commentary went a little slow in the first half

    best regards from Copenhagen

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