Month: September 2010

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Work Flow

I’ve been busy as of late with work, Gracie’s first birthday (happy birthday again baby girl) and a mess of other stuff so I really haven’t had too much spare time to smoke enough to do a fair review of anything. As I get back on track I thought I’d publish something that I’ve put […]


Casa Gomez Maduro Toro

You may not recognize the Casa Gomez name, but Benny Gomez and his family have an interesting history in the cigar business. Like many of the people in the business, that story goes back to Cuba where his grandfather was involved with cigar distribution to local hotels, restaurants and clubs. But even more interesting is […]


WB Brands The Natural Toro

In the face of the ever-increasing restrictions on where and when we can enjoy a premium cigar, it’s heartening to see people still passionate enough about tobacco to risk their time and money on the cigar making game. And as long as that remains true, the industry’s future looks bright. One these newcomers is someone […]


Avo Heritage Toro

He may be 84 this year, but Avo Uvezian is still full of surprises. First it was the uncharacteristically portly and potent LE 10 that hit the shops earlier this year. And then, a few months later at IPCPR, it’s the Heritage. In addition to being fuller-bodied than his regular lines, it also carries the […]

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